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Stay At Home Round Robin 2023

Once again I am joining in the Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR) hosted by Quilting Gail and 5 other blogging quilters. In simple terms, the idea is that each Monday one of the leaders will announce what kind of block we should all make and add to our quilts. Do not think for one minute that all the quilts will turn out the same. No, every quilt will be unique in design and colors.

Week 1 – the Center Block. For this year’s quilt I have selected a feature fabric and am using it for a simple 12″ square center block. I plan to use the same fabric as the quilt backing. I have pulled a few fabrics that coordinate with the whimsical feature fabric to use in making the blocks and borders to fill out the quilt top.

Whimsical Feature Fabric for Center block and for backing.
12″ Center Block, finished size
Coordinating Prints for Blocks and Borders

Here is the schedule for the upcoming weeks:

I hope you will visit these lovely quilters’ blogs and see how all the SAHRR 2023 quilts grow.

~ Blessings, Janie


Ukraine, refugee relief

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Do you want to help Ukrainian refugees? There are many children and older people who need your help. Whether or not you quilt or sew, please consider purchasing my mug rug pattern. 100% of your purchase will be donated for refugee relief efforts.

You have the choice of 3 donation levels: $5, $10, or $15. PM me for other donation amounts.

Thank you from my heart.

Blessings, Janie Isabella’s Whimsy


SAHRR 2022, The Finish

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the Stay At Home Round Robin experience and hope there will be another one next year! The Red, white and blue quilt finished at 56″ X 69″, nice and comfy for a throw or even a bed quilt if you are not too tall.

Finished SAHRR 2022

It was fun deciding different quilting designs for each round, something just right for each set of blocks. Center block – outlining the vintage Album block; Curves – simple boxes between the circles; Diamonds – diamonds inside each pieced diamond and in the plain blocks, too; Wonky Stars and Shoo Fly combined – simple lines with orange peel “flowers” in each corner; Signature blocks – a large zigzag design; the final round with Rail Fence, appliqued Orange Peels, and red filler fabric – outline outer edge of peels, X’s through Rail Fences, and simple lines in filler fabric.

I found a great navy blue with outline-stars for the backing. Now it’s all folded and waiting.

Special thanks to Gail @QuiltingGail for organizing the SAHRR 2022 experience, and to the quilting bloggers who guided us through the 6 Rounds: Emily @TheDarlingDogwood , Roseanne & Sue @HomeSewnbyUs , Wendy @PiecefulThoughtsofMyQuiltingLife , Gail @QuiltingGail , and Chris @ChrisKnits .

My main hope when I joined this group was to get out of my quilting slump, and I am happy to say it worked!


Janie @IsabellasWhimsy


SAHRR 2022, Round 6, Shoo Fly Blocks

Round 6, our final round for the 2022 Stay At Home Round Robin quilt event is our final round. I didn’t really want my quilt to get much bigger, so I made only 4 Shoo Fly blocks (another new-to-me block) at 6 inches, the same size as the Wonky Stars blocks.

I used the trusty seam ripper to remove the white section between the Wonky Stars on each side and inserted the Shoe Fly blocks, one per side, with coping on each side. What do you think?

Shoo Fly block inserted between Wonky Stars on Round 3.
Quilt top with all 6 rounds around the center block

I’m very happy with this inclusion/improvement to Round 3 that lets me keep the quilt size and include all the blocks used in the SAHRR 2022.

To finish the quilt I think I will add about a 2″ border of blue all around, then quilt and bind. I haven’t decided on border, backing or binding fabrics yet. March 21 is scheduled as the Finish Parade for all the 2022 SAHRR quilts. Lots to do before then!

~ Blessings, Janie

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SAHRR, Round 5 Finished

A little late, but now Round 5 is added to the quilt top. 😁

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SAHRR 2022, Round 5, Applique or Rail Fence

When I told my husband (XO) that round 5 was applique he said, “Right up your alley!” He always makes me smile. 🙂 Then I explained what Rail Fence is and that it is an option for those who do not want to applique. But, I’ve wanted to make Rail Fence and I do like applique, so I did both.

Continuing with Red, White and Blue I made 5″ Rail Fence blocks and 5″ appliqued Orange Peel blocks, then added a strip of red to finish of the sides.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete all four sides yet, so I thought I would share what is and ask you to use your imagination to fill in the opposite sides. The lower right corner will have the Orange Peel blocks, then moving outward will be the Rail Fence and finally red strips to attach to the existing red strip corners. They are nearly ready to attach; asymmetrical is an option, but not this time.

Again, cannot wait to see what the final Round will be tomorrow…maybe it will be another new block for me to try!

~ Blessings, Janie

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SAHRR 2022, Round 4, Signature Blocks

This week’s round called for a block I had not made before, the Signature Block. Historically the block was made with the center of each block reserved for friends’ and family’s signatures, either written in ink or embroidered. Following tradition, I kept the block centers lighter and the corners darker.

I looked at the examples for using the Signature Block made by some of the Round Robin’s contributors. I especially liked the layout of one person and the block size of another person. It’s an easy block to make. I started with 4.5″ squares for the centers and 3″ squares for the two corners.

SAHRR Round 4, Signature block

I wanted to make a ribbon design to frame the quilt, but had some trouble with the corners and making the number of blocks fit the sides. Eventually I settled for what you see here. Sticking with red, white and blue helps keep things linked together. With two rounds to go the quilt now measures 42.5″ by 54.5″.

Once again I find myself eager to see what the next round with be!

~Blessings, Janie


SAHRR 2022, Round 3, Wonky Stars

This week’s theme for our Stay At Home Round Robin quilts is Wonky Stars, or if you prefer, any stars. Although I have not been a big fan of Wonky Stars I decided to give it a try. I watched the Missouri Star Quilt Company video tutorial before I started. I decided two stars on each side of the round would be enough. First I made small 3″ stars, but it was hard for me to get them trimmed to a good size, so I went with 6.5″ star blocks. I also tried to keep the wonkiness under control by using one print for each star and by keeping the angles similar for each star leg.

I had already planned to make the background light for this round, and I’m happy with how it looks.

Now, I’m already looking forward to the next Round!

Blessings, Janie


SAHRR Round 2, Diamonds

I was very happy, excited even, to learn Round 2 would be diamonds! I think the angular round following the curved round is a nice contrast.

Round 2, Diamonds

These diamonds are foundation paper pieced, a technique I learned from Stitched in Color several years ago. I’m not a big fan of paper piecing; my brain just doesn’t think that way… but these were pretty simple. Paper piecing gives you nice straight, clean lines.

There are only 3 diamonds in each row with a blue and white fabric used as spacers between them. The diamonds are cute little red birds on an off-white background.

Red birds for the diamonds

I also used the diamond rows only on the top and bottom in order to transition the quilt from a square to a rectangle. I prefer a rectangular quilt for a throw as well as for a bed quilt.

What will Round 3 bring?

~ Blessings, Janie

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Round 1 for SAHRR

This week we made round 1 for our Stay At Home Round Robin quilts. The round was hosted by who chose “curves” for our theme.

Circles – the never ending curves

There are several quilt blocks that are classified as curves: lemon peel, drunkards path, half circles and organic curves. I chose to appliqué 2 1/2” circles on a 3” navy blue border, using reds, whites and blues for the circles.

We are already guessing what next week’s theme is going to be. My husband thinks maybe triangles. We’ll see 😎

~ Blessings, Janie

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