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8 is Great! #pqseason8

It’s Season 8 for Project QUILTING! Challenge 1 was 8 is Great, make any kind of quilt that features an aspect of number 8.

Here is the link to the Challenge. My entry is a modern quilt block that measures about 18.5″ square. I made it as a wall hanging or a table topper.

My inspiration came from Biblical Numerology (what?!) where number 8 means Resurrection or New Beginning. Number 7 means Completion or Perfection, so it follows that the next number is a new beginning.

I was happy to be able to incorporate some inspirational text fabric in this project that ties in with a New Beginning. There is a hanging sleeve on the back that isn’t in the way if the quilt is used as a table topper.

This week all 142 quilts made for Season 8, Challenge 1 are open for public voting, here. Everyone can vote for their 10 favorite quilts…in case you are wondering…mine is #76 (“remember 76 trombones in the big parade”).

I have Project Quilting albums on Flickr from the past few years if you like browsing this kind of thing. And the quilt is now in my Etsy shop, IsabellasWhimsy.

On Friday I want to share another Project QUILTING project that has worked out very nicely for me.

Thank you for taking time to visit the blog.

~ Blessings,



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Let’s catch up!

It’s a busy time of year, so let’s catch up!

I finished an order of three Paper Doll Quilts for a friend, and since they received them at Christmas, I can post pics now.


For a little album of the quilts check out Flickr. The dolls were made to resemble their recipients. The two older little girls’ dolls have 3 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes, while the littlest girl (6 months) has 2 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes. One girl like bright colors, one likes pastels, and one has a bit of a nautical theme. It was so much fun to design the quilts and clothes for each special girl. Grandma was very happy with them.

I hope everyone had a happy celebration, I certainly did. ♥  My youngest flew in for a week, sorry her hubby had to work though. And we all drove north to visit my son and his sweet little family. It was my 4th time to visit my new grandson ♥♥ and actually had both grandsons together. What happiness!

On the home front I have moved into a little house and am honing my homeowner skills:

  1. Take trash to curb on time, and learned they want the can on the other side of the driveway
  2. Replace toilet seat
  3. Paint closet (psyching myself up to paint the room next)
  4. Begin cleaning out leftovers from garage and drag bulk trash to curb on time
  5. Remove kitchen appliances where German cockroaches decided to live
  6. Selected replacement appliances
  7. Replace broken door knob so no one gets stuck in the room for too long
  8. Make new friends of neighbors, pest control, handyman, and HVAC people

As this year draws to a close I wish you each a Happy New Year filled with joy and blessings!



You Just Never Know

I woke up this morning thinking about packing for my upcoming move on December 10. A couple of hours later I found out that my move is going to happen on Saturday, December 3!

So much for thinking about packing…

I put IsabellasWhimsy on Etsy on vacation for a bit and got real busy. Whew! Even change can change.

~ Blessings

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Beginning to think about Christmas

With IsabellasWhimsy on Etsy I spend a lot of time looking at Etsy and seeing some pretty fun handmade items.  So this week on the blog I want to show you 3 Christmas items for your home, or for gifts, that I hope you will like.

First a hand made quilted tree skirt from PeggyGaylerDesigns.

After her wonderful, whimsical village is appliqued to the tree skirt foundation,  Peggy takes a lot of time with machine quilting a sky full of snowballs. The end result is a high quality family tradition for you. I encourage you to visit PeggyGaylerDesigns on Etsy to see all of her Christmas creations and many other lovely quilts for all year.

Next is a 12.5″ tall Scandinavian Reindeer from HappyDollsbyLesya.

Lesya has touched my heart with her sweet Christmas decorations, dolls, and creatures. I can see that she is well admired and has a successful shop. How does she manage to stuff those little arms and legs? She must be a very careful creator. All of her dolls and toys are made of cloth. You will be happily surprised at their appealing little faces when you visit HappyDollsbyLesya on Etsy.

The last Christmas item this week is from my own IsabellasWhimsy.

This is a set of 4 quilted coasters made with Scandinavian design fabric. They are 4.5″ square and come packaged in a celo bag tied with red and white baker’s twine. Just add a gift card or open and use yourself. I plan to add more Christmas items, so visit IsabellasWhimsy on Etsy to see if I have just what you are looking for.

Thank you for stopping by.





Isabella’s Window, Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight

How could I resist this romantic window…is it mine? Isabella’s Window. ♥

Wicked Wunderful

Isabella’s Window, Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight

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He is Here! Grandson #2


I’m so happy to say that grandson #2 has arrived safe and sound. Nolan was born on Monday, Oct. 17 at 10:03 pm weighing in at a lovely 7 lbs, 2 oz. Mommy, Daddy, and Baby spent their first night at home last night…wonder how that went…  Both parents are well-prepared to deal with whatever comes; Mommy is a labor and delivery nurse, Daddy is a paramedic in the ER of a major children’s hospital. My son expressed a little concern over handling the normal, non-crisis stuff. :0)

Now, it’s back to the sewing machine. I’m working on Paper Doll Quilts for a grandma friend of mine to give as Christmas gifts. Then there are more Christmas orders to fill as well as some regular orders.  If you want anything made for Christmas by Isabella’s Whimsy, don’t delay, my calendar is filling up fast – including trips to hold that new baby!




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Fun Productivity

It’s my own Show-and-Tell day!

You may remember these mug rugs that I made last year…isabellaswhimsymushrooms2 cute, but nothing to write home about, or to even take home.  So I tried to step it up a notch. With a little snipping and stitching came up with these, now available in my Etsy shop.

And let’s not forget the holidays before Christmas and the whole season of Autumn. Here is my Patchwork Pumpkin

Thanks for looking. I love Show-and-Tell!



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Bundle is Bundled up and ready to go!

One of my customers sent a request for 10 Yellow Sunshine Mug Rugs to give as teacher gifts at Christmas.  I’m happy to say they are all bundled and ready to go in the mail.

Would you like a gift to give or to keep? Let me know!



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A New Granddaughter, A New Quilt

My friend just became grandmother to another little girl. She is so happy; baby and mother are thriving and full of joy.

In anticipation of Gracie’s arrival, Grandma hand embroidered 12 pretty blocks, then she brought them to me with the fabric she selected and I turned her handwork into a quilt.

Happiness all around!

So, here is the new quilt.


Blessings for a beautiful weekend.


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People I Want to be

I was on my way to post today when I saw this lovely post by J. Cervantes and everything else dropped away. This young man’s post is beautiful. And so today, I give you my take on Beautiful Hero Stuff.

Wither Or Thrive

I got the idea for this post from Rosie at Hookup Culture, a blogger that I really enjoy reading and following.  She recently posted a list of places that she would like to visit. A sort of bucket list on places she wants to raise her flag on.  I loved the idea of striving to be somewhere in the not so distant future and marking that off of a list.

I then thought to myself, “Your about to be a dad.  Your wife is 4 months pregnant and instead of traveling so much you will be at home, with the kiddo, teaching what it is to be a good person.”  That question got me to scratching my head on who I was and what traits I could check off of a list.  So I thought I would write a list of the traits that I hope to possess one…

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