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Etsy Teams and Me

Do you know that when you are an Etsy seller one of the benefits available to you is Etsy Teams?  There are all kinds of teams in Etsy, probably thousands of them.  I am a member of 8.5 teams, well, really it’s 9 teams. Each one has its own purpose. Let me tell you about them.


My primary team is Quilts, Quilts, Quilts! No surprise to you it is a team of quilters and quilt related shops. I am a team leader with a fellow QQQ member to promote our team shops on our Facebook page. Every day we post a shop on Facebook to help give our team members visibility. Other than that I participate in the team Chat on nearly a daily basis and have formed friendships with several very nice, supportive and fun people. This team also offers promotion games. The .5 team I mentioned is the QQQ – Team Leaders team, where we discuss behind-the-scenes plans for the team.


Texas Blubonnets

The Texas Friends Team is another sociable and promoting team. I participate in the Chat very often and primarily joined the team to be in touch with other Etsians who live in Texas. I enjoy the banter and support of this group.

IsabellasWhimsy 2016 Word

Team UNITY and A Fairly Promo are teams I turn to just for promotional games and activities.  Contrary to the Texas Friends Team, these two are very international.

Being found on Etsy is a game itself. I do what I can to be visible, but there is a big randomness factor controlled by Etsy that I just cannot do anything about.


Similarly to the TX Friends, I joined the Create in Christ Team to interact with people who share an important part of my life. In addition to games there is a prayer thread. We pray about anything and everything, striving to put Christ as the center of our lives and businesses.  This team, as well as QQQ and TXFriends, is supportive to my shop and to me personally.


A small team that is new this year is Etsy Mastermind. This team is for women who are in business. We share business information, critique each others shops, swap social media addresses, and set goals together. This team helps me address areas that are very helpful to my business, such as goal setting.

Another business-minded team is Etsy Rank. The team is for people who use the program. The program analyzes our shops and checks for searchable keywords. It has been a big help to me in improving my SEO skills.

IsabellasWhimsy Scandi Birds

And last of all is a “luxury” team, Scandinavian Folk Art, a team that lets me see and enjoy one of my likes…Scandinavian folk art! It’s not an active team, but I like it.

I enjoy these teams and am not joining any others for now. I feel a commitment to each team to participate in their activities regularly, every week, or several times a week. We help each other in different ways, and the teams make the Etsy experience a community.

If you would like to join an Etsy Team there are scads to choose from. You do not need to have a shop, you can join many teams as a shopper. How can you find a team? I suggest that you go to a shop that you like, click on the owner’s name and look at the teams he/she is on. The teams are listed below the About section on their Profile page. Here’s mine.

Sending Etsy Good Wishes to You,



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Hello? Hello? Can you hear me now?

Sorry for the communication lag…I’ve been out of range.

In one pic, here is what has been occupying my time these last months, my sweet grandson and quilting for Isabella’s Whimsy on Etsy.


My grandson turned 2 in May and he literally can outrun me. He loves to watch airplanes fly by, to throw balls of every size, and line up all his vehicles in a game we call Parking Valet.

However, I am managing to keep up with Isabella’s Whimsy. Very happy with the sales, love my Teams, and getting good at making Treasuries.

Here are a few items that I have made and sold…just to pique your interest.

My best seller


IsabellasWhimsy square pic from Etsy

Yellow Sunshine Mug Rug (9″ x 6.5″ / 23cm x 16.5 cm)

IsabellasWhimsy Star Wars

Star Wars, Millenium Falcon Cockpit Mug Rug (8″ x 6″ / ~20cm x 15cm) and for sewists the same mug rug as a pattern

IsabellasWhimsy boy mouse mug rug

Boy Mouse Mug Rug (9″ x 7″ / ~ 23cm x 18cm)

All the baby quilts have sold, so I’m working on a Mermaid fabric Bricks pattern. Hopefully it will be in the shop by the end of the week.  Here is a little sneak peek.

IsabellasWhimsy Mermaid Bricks

Again, sorry to have been away for so long.

A couple of new followers and Likes have encouraged me to get with it – Thank you!

I’m not very good at goals, but my new goal is to post once a week, every week…now which day?



Isabella’s Whimsy on Etsy

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As the Phoenix Rises from the Ashes…response to disappointment

In thinking about quilt patterns to make  for the reopening of Isabella’s Whimsy on Etsy my memory kept returning to the mid-1990s when I had made an amazing quilt design.  I was so proud of it – my first original design.  I couldn’t quite recall the exact pattern, but I was fully confident that if I could only see one of my quilts made with the pattern I could analyze it and write it up as a pattern. I kept this idea simmering in the back of my head when what do you know,  I stumbled across a quilt from that long-ago time that I had not finished (not too surprising).  My hands nearly trembled in anticipation as I unfolded that gem-of-potential only to drop in confusion when I saw the pattern was a simple tweak of a typical patchwork, not the amazing quilt design I remembered.

Oh well.


But I did not give up.  I talked to my understanding big sister who said she still has the throw I made for her husband and that she would take a picture and send it by email.  Ah, the gladness in my heart! Now I could write up the amazing quilt design and use it to make new quilts and to make a pattern to offer people, either in Isabella’s Whimsy on Etsy or as a freebie!  Then the picture arrived.  I was confused. dismayed. baffled. How could my memory be so wrong? so very wrong? This was indeed the design, but with only two colors, not the three colors I vividly remembered, so it really wasn’t all that amazing. ooohh.Jack's throwAs a last attempt I contacted my friend to ask for a picture of the baby I blanket I had made for her daughter who is now in college.  She was able to send a couple of pics, and again I was confused and even mildly shocked.  This was not my amazing design either!  She said she hoped I wasn’t disappointed, but I was and a little worried about my brain.

IMG_2686 But then just as the phoenix rose from the ashes full of life and strength, I rose from my despair, determined and motivated to re-create what I had apparently never created in the first place, my amazing quilt design!

So I set to work and used a sweet butterfly fabric with purples and other lovely little girl colors, some pink and purple, some old-fashioned delicate white print, and for a pop some lime green with white dots.  I measured and cut and sewed up a storm.  Of course in my “original” (mental) design I had only used three fabrics, but if three is good, four must be better.  So I improvised my way to a finished quilt top.  I started to write out the pattern and got to the part where I change things up…kind of tricky to explain improvisation.  So after more measuring and scribbling, I decided this is not going to be my amazing first original design, this is going to be a cute and happy quilt that I put in the shop, but that’s all. This time. For now, here is a sneak peak.




Would you like to read the folktale about the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes? click here

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The Very, Very, Very, Very First Whimsy Quilt

The very, very, very, very first Whimsy Quilt, aka The Monkey Blanket, is about 34 years old, two years younger than my son.  It was the forerunner of all Whimsy-Quilts-to-come and didn’t even know it.

Back in the day, sewists (modern term for seamstresses than do more than sew clothing) could purchase printed panels of animals or dolls, then cut, sew, and stuff them into toys – such was the intended use of the monkey, but whimsyism was lying latent deep within Isabella’s heart and manifested itself in the idea of using the monkey to make a quilt.

The materials demonstrate what I had learned growing up: use what you have. I used a twin-sized sheet, a piece of an old blanket and, of course, the monkey.

oct 22 013 oct 22 014

Baby steps of artistry selected the threads and  the built-in decorative machine stitches to highlight The Monkey Blanket.

oct 22 005

We all start somewhere…



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How Did This Happen?!

How did this happen?!

The idea for Isabella’s Whimsy started with the intimate Sewing Club that meets in my home a couple of times each month.  Some young ladies from the office wanted to learn how to sew.  Then others started having babies.  Put those two intrigues together and I found myself designing colorful, whimsical quilts that I could teach quilters with beginner/intermediate sewing skills how to make. Being a woman who loves to connect with others, I wanted to find novice quilters who would enjoy the experience of creating their own whimsical quilts to keep or share.  Now Isabella’s Whimsy welcomes you, your imagination, and the pleasure you will experience as you take risks and express yourself creatively.

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