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Added new pics :0)

Take a quick look at the new pics added to the new page Hugs Quilts and Kits; you will see an amazing cowboy shirt that you won’t find anywhere else!

sneak peak…

detail from Flaming Quilt

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Giraffes and Elephants

Here is the raw idea for the next quilt for a new baby…

no circus items, a better palm tree, … still thinking…

New baby on the way! Victoria would like elephants and giraffes for the nursery.

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NEW PAGE added :0)

Happy Wednesday!

Isabella’s Whimsy has added a new page that features a special kind of quilt – the Hugs Quilts.  Click on the link and see what you think.


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90 lbs.

The question is, how many quilts can you make with 90 pounds of fabric?

The answer is,… good question!  It will take a while to find out.

Yes, believe it or not, my sister sent me home with 90 pounds of fabric!  Last summer when I visited her I bought an extra suitcase at Goodwill to bring home stuff.  Last month when I went to see her I took that extra suitcase because I figured I’d probably bring home more stuff.  Well, I brought home so much stuff I had to go to Goodwill and buy another suitcase! Then sissy gave me a carry-on, too!  Do you wonder what 90 pounds of fabric looks like?


How many Quilts?

How many quilts can you make with 90 lbs. of fabric?

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I’ve been moving

Talk about hectic!  I have been moving, and thanks to the help of several great peolple I am alive to tell the story.

Nah, nothing dangerous, but very active compared to this lucky dog:

Technically the move is over, but in reality, who knows when things will be settled.  Hopefully before I move out. ha ha (pretty fun, don’t you think?)

One of the funniest scenes was when I asked one of the college-age movers, Is that about all the boxes?  He looked at me and grinned.  I ran outside to his buddy crying out, He laughed at me because I want that to be all the boxes.  The reassuring guy said, It’s almost all of them.

I’m sure they brought more than they loaded into the truck, but I can’t figure out how.  So when grinning-guy said, What are you going to do with all this? I replied, Live with it just like this; a life-time of boxes piled in the new cozy (euphemism for small) living room.  He said, you know, it makes you look like a hoarder.  You could make a show!

At least we had some laughs, and the job was done within the 2 hour minimum. $$$$

Moving isn’t really fun, but in this case, it is really done!


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