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Spontaneous–An Off Season Project QUILTING Challenge

If you know me at all as a quilter, you know I enjoy Project Quilting, an annual experience hosted by Persimmon Dreams. You can read more about it here, here, and here.

2015 is Season 6 of Project Quilting.  The Challenges are presented every two weeks January through March, then April through December brings Off-Season Challenges.  The April Challenge is just coming to a close, so I want to share my project with you.  The theme of this Challenge is Spontaneous, here is where you can find the original Challenge with details.

I was a little hesitant about improv quilting until I did some “surfing” and found that improve isn’t necessarily random, as I had imagined.  When I realized I could control the colors in my project, it was easy to decide to make a companion table mat to the one I made for the Project Quilting Season 5 Challenge in January 2014, String Along with Me. For both table mats I used my favorite color combo of blue, yellow, and white.  I also used an applique bird this time, also from Rachel at Stitched in Color, the other bird from her class Penny Sampler, but I reduced the size of her bird to work with this mat.

Improv quilted table mat

Improv quilted table mat

I have to admit it is not a daringly spontaneous project, in fact, maybe it wasn’t spontaneous very much at all… Maybe I don’t really know what ‘spontaneous’ is beyond agreeing to do something that is suddenly suggested to me.  It takes all kinds, and all levels of spontaneity, to make the world go ’round. I FELT spontaneous when I made this.

Here are the two companion mats.

Table Mats made for two Project Quilting Challenges.

Table Mats made for two Project Quilting Challenges.

I made this 12″ X 12″ mat in my home in Universal City, TX – just outside of San Antonio to the north.

The Linky Party for this Project is tomorrow, April 30.  Some people have already linked their Spontaneous projects; you can see them by scrolling down on the Persimmon Dreams blog post.  Thank you, Persimmon Dreams!

~ Isabella

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