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Tuesday Archives: Flying Geese for Val’s Quilting Studio

Val's Quilting Studio

I look forward to Tuesdays! Val at Val’s Quilting Studio is hosting Tuesday Archives and invites quilting bloggers to re-fresh their old posts in categories that she provides. This week the categories are Flying Geese and Flowers.

Flying Geese is one of my favorite traditional blocks. I don’t know why, but they grab my attention and give me a feeling of, well, flying! To me they are fun and, yes, exciting. That being said, I really have almost no experience making them. The basic Flying Geese block is usually made of two units together, but here is a pic of a flying goose that I made for fun.

The Flying Geese block is made of 2 units; this is just one lone goose...not sure if she is flying yet or waiting for her sisters.

The Flying Geese block is made of 2 units; this is just one lone goose…not sure if she is flying yet or waiting for her sisters.

Now pull up the old post that has some flying geese.

If you don’t want to go to the old post, here is a pic.

March 2013 121 best colorThanks for stopping by.  You might enjoy visiting the linky party at Val’s Quilting Studio to see what everyone is talking about today (and for a few more days).

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~ Isabella


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My Favorite Quilt

Val's Quilting Studio

Val’s Quilting Studio is hosting a Tuesday Linky Party for us to share old posts. Each Tuesday has a duo of themes, this week’s is Farms and Favorites.

Well, I posted one of my favorites on Tuesday, but I also want to post about an old favorite I didn’t write about.  It’s a Character Quilt (not sure if I made up that name or not).  The idea is to reflect someone’s character through color, shapes, and lines, and sometimes photos.  This Character Quilt is what I designed and made for a gentleman at church who was a pretty special fellow.  He led a very colorful and energetic life.  Early on he was passionate about rodeo and did very well at riding bulls, Brahma bulls.  When I got to know him he was a grandpa, still very energetic, rode motorcycles, and was passionate about Bible study.  Together we designed Grandpa’s Hugs Quilts (you can see a tab in Isabella’s Whimsy showing what we made for his grandkids), and in the midst of that work I was so impressed by his energy that inspiration struck to design his character quilt.  What do you think?


Character Quilt

Character Quilt

He really loved his rodeo shirts that we used for the 3 grandchildren’s quilts, so for him to be able to keep a memento of each, I used a piece of them as well as a piece of the backgrounds or backings of the quilts. Then I added other bright energetic colors.  He had some photos printed on t-shirts for us to use and I had an extra one made for this wall quilt.  On the children’s quilts we made one cuff unsnap to reveal a hidden place and Grandpa folded up and inserted a $2 bill, so I copied that idea on his little quilt.  Wish I had a pic of the label!  I hadn’t made more than one or two labels, or it might have been the first, I don’t remember.  Anyway, I hand-embroidered in black, red, blue and orange his name and three characteristics of his: energy, passion, spirituality. He was a very special brother-in-Christ who helped and taught me when I was in need.

~ with a tear of memory,


p.s. He didn’t die, just moved away! If you want to see our Hugs Quilts click here.

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The whole enchilada!

Spring and Summer Colors Quilt

Here is a pic of the whole quilt my sister made.  She calls is “Spring and Summer Colors”.  She made the binding then I stitched on the front and hand-stitched it down on the back.

One other happening from my vacation to Oregon was to visit the coast:  a little beach visit and tourist-ing in Florence.

Oregon CoastSiuslaw River, Florence, Oregon


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