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You’ve heard of Project Runway, well………

You’ve heard of Project Runway, well how about Project QUILTIING?

This is how it works, the mother-in-law of Persimon Dreams sets forth the quilting challenge to be accomplished in one week’s time. The type of quilting project is up to the participant, but it must address the Challenge, be completed and have a photo posted to the Flickr link by noon on the following Sunday. Then the hostess, Persimon Dreams, has her little daughters draw names from a hat to see who the prize winners are. During the next week, sponsors contact their prize recipient, Persimon Dreams posts layouts of the submitted quilt photos and everyone is invited to vote on their favorite. I think the most favorite also gets a prize, but I haven’t done that part. Which, by the way, I have won both times! Crazy, right? Random drawings from 50+ names, and I win something for each of the first two Challenges! (Next post will be about the prizes.) The Challenges come out every other week.

Here is a link to the Project QUILTING web page:

This is Season 4 of Project QUILTING, my first season to participate, and I enjoy it so much! We are on our third challenge this week (due by noon Sunday, February 10). Here are links to the first two Challenges that we have completed:
Challenge 1, Square in a Square…in a Square
Challenge 2, My Favorite Color

And now, Challenge 3, Annie’s Vision
Annie Young is a Christian artist who is blind. This week the challenge is to look over Annie’s work, notice the colors, themes, textures that she uses, then from that inspiration, come up with a quilted project.

Here is a link to Annie Young’s work if you would like to visit,

I thought it was going to take a little while to get moving with this Challenge, but this morning the light bulb came on! I’m very excited…so far seeing batiks and flowers and free motion quilting… :o)

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