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An Honor and Some Progress

I was just checking email and was surprised and delighted to see that I am featured as most viewed on The Quilting Room with Mel for this week! How very nice!  Because of that I get to use this…

The Quilting Room with Mel

What was viewed? you may ask. Well, a Lap Quilt for My Uncle. When I posted I had one block left to make, so the progress I want to show is where I am with that last block.
Idaho Mountains for Uncle HarveyIt’s not quite finished; needs clouds and buildings, and stitching then it will be ready to sash for his lap quilt.  I used a photo that he took and sold to tourists as the inspiration for this block.  Maybe this week…



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The Very, Very, Very, Very First Whimsy Quilt

The very, very, very, very first Whimsy Quilt, aka The Monkey Blanket, is about 34 years old, two years younger than my son.  It was the forerunner of all Whimsy-Quilts-to-come and didn’t even know it.

Back in the day, sewists (modern term for seamstresses than do more than sew clothing) could purchase printed panels of animals or dolls, then cut, sew, and stuff them into toys – such was the intended use of the monkey, but whimsyism was lying latent deep within Isabella’s heart and manifested itself in the idea of using the monkey to make a quilt.

The materials demonstrate what I had learned growing up: use what you have. I used a twin-sized sheet, a piece of an old blanket and, of course, the monkey.

oct 22 013 oct 22 014

Baby steps of artistry selected the threads and  the built-in decorative machine stitches to highlight The Monkey Blanket.

oct 22 005

We all start somewhere…



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Rowing Completed!

It took four outings, but at last I’m done collecting row patterns from the 2015 Row by Row Experience.  Except for one that my sister in California may send me.  And some I may receive from a fellow-Texas-quilter.  Oh my, the experience continues!

I made my last “big” rowing trip earlier this week, to three shops in San Antonio.

Memories By the Yard

San Antonio, Tx Memories by the Yard

Las Colchas

San Antonio, TX Las Colchas

Mesquite Bean Fabrics

San Antonio TX Mesquite Bean FabricsAs my aunt said, I’m going to have a fun winter!



p.s. All pictures borrowed from Texas Row by Row Experience 2015 page on Facebook.

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Still Rowing with the 2015 Row by Row Experience

I rowed in Texas.  I rowed in Oregon – 3 times! And now I’m rowing in Texas again.

The first little outings in Texas were to Sew Special in San Antonio,

SanAntonio TX Sew Special Quilts_

the Scrappy Quilter in Schertz,

Schertz, TX Scrappy Quilterand the Quilt Haus in New Braunfels.

New Braunfels TX Quilt Hauspg

Then when my Ladies Bible Class had a retreat/hang-out the weekend of August 7-9 in Fredericksburg I took the long way so I could visit some quilt shops that are a little out-of-the-way.

First stop was Sew It Fabulous in Boerne.

Boerne, TX Sew It Fabulous

Next, Gone Quiltin’ in Bandera where I had a lovely visit and picked up the Bluebonnet Row pattern. The shop lady was very nice in Bandera.  She sent me off with several free patterns from the store and was just so sweet.

Bandera, TX Gone Quiltin' in Bandera

Then came Medina’s Little Cottage Quilt Shop. This stop turned into a treat.  The shop owner took some time to show me the vintage quilts adorning the classroom wall and to tell me about the quilter who made them.  She also showed me her twister quilt that she will be using to teach a class soon.  It is a very nice shop, light, bright and welcoming.  She has an amazing selection of fabrics and supplies, well worth the visit.


Stages of Drought

I’ve just had a little bit to look at her blog, but it looks very nice, and you might enjoy it. Little Cottage Quilt Shop blog.

Even though I hadn’t planned to stop in Kerrville, I decided I was too close to miss it.  So with a couple of sets of helpful directions I found the easy-to-find shop and enjoyed looking all around and picking up the watermelon row pattern.

Kerrville, TXHere is a pic from our retreat


I arrived too late to stop in One Quilt Place in Fredericksburg and was too busy on Saturday, so I missed that one, but 4 shops in one day is pretty good!

Now I just need to finish up San Antonio…



p.s. All the row pics are borrowed from the Texas Row by Row Experience 2015 page on Facebook.


A Lap Quilt for My Uncle

I decided to real quick make a personalized lap quilt for my uncle.  He’s in his late 80s now and has enjoyed different activities in his life, especially reffing football and basketball games, working in the beautiful mountains of Idaho, and being a patriotic American.  Here are 4 of the 5 blocks for his quilt.

4 of 5 blocks Uncle Harvey

The last block is the size of 2 of these, a mountain scene he took as a photo in Idaho.



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