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He is Here! Grandson #2


I’m so happy to say that grandson #2 has arrived safe and sound. Nolan was born on Monday, Oct. 17 at 10:03 pm weighing in at a lovely 7 lbs, 2 oz. Mommy, Daddy, and Baby spent their first night at home last night…wonder how that went…  Both parents are well-prepared to deal with whatever comes; Mommy is a labor and delivery nurse, Daddy is a paramedic in the ER of a major children’s hospital. My son expressed a little concern over handling the normal, non-crisis stuff. :0)

Now, it’s back to the sewing machine. I’m working on Paper Doll Quilts for a grandma friend of mine to give as Christmas gifts. Then there are more Christmas orders to fill as well as some regular orders.  If you want anything made for Christmas by Isabella’s Whimsy, don’t delay, my calendar is filling up fast – including trips to hold that new baby!




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A New Granddaughter, A New Quilt

My friend just became grandmother to another little girl. She is so happy; baby and mother are thriving and full of joy.

In anticipation of Gracie’s arrival, Grandma hand embroidered 12 pretty blocks, then she brought them to me with the fabric she selected and I turned her handwork into a quilt.

Happiness all around!

So, here is the new quilt.


Blessings for a beautiful weekend.


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Baby Quilt Finished and Delivered at Shower

My son and daughter-in-law’s baby shower was on Saturday, Aug. 27 and was so much fun. I was glad that the Monkey Quilt was finished (I’ve been known to finish the binding at a shower before) and wrapped, ready for the shower. The parents-to-be liked it! yay! Each monkey holds special meaning to the parents, so that made it even more fun for me to make.



Sister-#1-of-the-Daddy and I made the table decorations for the Star Wars Monkey theme. Sister-#2-of-the-Daddy was able to fly in from Nashville for the festivities. Sisters-#1-3-of-the-Mommy organized the whole event.

Table decor SW baby shower

Blessings to my son and his family.

Blessings to you,



zizzybob’s Linky Party!

zizzybob avatar

Fellow-quilter and QQQ Etsy Team member zizzybob has opened a Linky Party. Don’t know what that is? People who make handcrafted items are invited to post a link to one of their items on a designated page.

zizzybob’s blog is found on Blogger and is called Sweet Little Gems. Here is what she says about this week’s Linky Party:

Linky Party Week 3

Do you have a shop on Etsy, Zibbet, Artfire, Zazzle or maybe your own website? Want some free promotion? Would you like another backlink? Let’s see what you have. Add a link or two and join the party.
The way I read this, you, dear Reader, are welcome to link to this Linky Party if you can answer YES! to her first question above. So come on! Link up for some free promotion and a chance to see other handcrafted items from your fellow crafters.
————————- ♥
I’ve been keeping busy with some private orders, so haven’t added to the shop this week. I did renew a Western Baby Burp Cloth and a Hanukkah Baby Bib and Washcloth set. I’m getting ready to renew the Scandi Baby Burp and Bib Gift Set.

I will be adding a Western Baby Bib and Western Baby Snuggly Blanket as soon as I get some good pics. And when I can, I’m planning a Scandi Baby Snuggly and Scandi Baby Quilt.

Meanwhile, plans for this week are to finish up a pretty lap quilt for the shop, start a baby quilt for my October 2016 grandson (!!!), and try to add at least one new item to Isabella’s Whimsy on Etsy as well as prep 2 multi-item Christmas orders.

Please stop by the shop and let me know what you like by clicking on ♥s.

And if you are on Facebook, I’d love for you to stop by Isabella’s Whimsy there too.




The Pieces Are Coming Together

Here’s a quick peek at the Jungle Quilt for my friend’s grandbaby, well a peek at some of the pieces.

DSCF1444I’m using fusible interfacing for this applique project.  This method makes very lightweight pieces that retain the fabric’s flexibility, and it gives a clean finished edge to each piece.  And, it’s fun!

Have a blessed day,



Doll Quilt and Carry-Along Quilt

My friend requested a doll quilt for her granddaughter because she has such fond memories of playing with the doll quilt her Gran had given to her.  But before I got to it, the granddaughter got a little brother.  So, I made a quick doll quilt and an equally quick Carry-Along quilt.  They are about 23″ square, just right for a little one to handle.








Keeping My Hand In

I’m doing just barely enough to say that I’m keeping my hand in with quilting/sewing.  Here is a little zipper pouch that I’m playing around with and stitching by hand (no sewing machine at baby’s house).

Zipper PouchA peek at the hand stitches…Zipper Pouch QuiltingAnd, to show that I’m still playing Grammie…  (six weeks and having play time on one of the blankets from one of his great-aunts)6 weeks of playing GrammieBlessings!


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My new awesome life…

My life has changed.
I’m all gaga.
It’s all about him.
I’m a Grammie!
It’s wonderful…

About the only sewing I have done so far this month is some hand quilting I did in the waiting room…waiting for him to arrive.

A little hand quilting, while waiting

A little hand quilting, while waiting

And I recovered a pillow for my daughter and the little guy, in some of her favorite fabric.

Poky Little Puppy pillow

Poky Little Puppy pillow

Who knows what else I will do…

Blessings to all,
~ Grammie from Isabella’s Whimsy

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Doesn’t Every Baby Need One of These? – a whimsical tutorial


What can you make with 1-3 oz. (85 gr) skein of natural bamboo yarn and a size K (6.5 mm) crochet hook?

Can you guess what this is? You are right! A newborn's cocoon for photos.

Can you guess what this is? You are right! A newborn’s cocoon for photos.



I call this tutorial “whimsical” because I just guessed as I made this little cocoon.  You’ll see what I mean as we go along.

Chain 12. Now we get whimsical, because I didn’t count.

Round (rnd) 1: single crochet (sc) into the first chain (ch) from hook, and in all the other chains to the beginning ch.   Make 3 single crochets (sc) in beginning ch.  Sc in the back of each ch to the last chain, then make 3 sc in the last ch.  Slip-stitch (ss) into the first sc. (This is what I did, but it would probably be better to just ch 1, in prep for next rnd.) (This is how you start booties when you crochet them.)  (See the pattern? sc along the sides, and increase each end with 3 sc in one loop.)

Rnd 2: double crochet (dblc) in each sc, but increase at each end by making 2 dblc in the 1st dblc of increase from previous row, 3 dblc in second/middle dblc, and 2 dblc in the 3rd dblc from the previous row; oh, be sure to do this increase at each end.

Rnd 3: Repeat rnd 2.

Rnd 4:  at this point I realized the stitches were going to be too tight, so I switched it up to treble crochet (trc), but used the same increase pattern as in Rnd 2

Rnd 5: I thought the trc would work pretty well, so I made this rnd (rnd 5) in trc also, keeping the same increase pattern at each end.

Rnds 6-8 or 9 (having a little trouble counting here): continue as in rnd 5.

Rnd 9 or 10 – 10 or 11 (depending on how you counted last time): trc in each stitch; do not increase any more.

Rnd 12: decrease around in this way: tr in next 2 stitches, skip one trc, trc in next stitch. all the way around.

Rnd 13 (uh-oh…13!  I should have made omitted this round.) Loosely slip stitch around in each stitch.  It gives a nice finish and just about uses up all the yarn. I like it when that happens.

Finishing: weave in as much of the remaining yarn as you want to. When you get tired/bored of doing it, cut it off.

Oh, I just realized I forgot to tell you to chain 2 or 3 (depending on dc or trc) at the end of each round and sl st into the top chain of the previous row; well, you can see to do that anyway.

Now one last pic to make it clear for you:

Snug as a bug in a rug, or caterpillar in a cocoon.

Snug as a bug in a rug, or caterpillar in a cocoon.

Wishing you all the best.  Please send pics of your cocoons!

You might want to save this crochet tutorial.  Fun as it was, I don’t see myself writing any more crochet patterns…probably ever.

~Isabella in her whimsy



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