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Mug Rug Swap

I kept hearing about mug rug swaps, so after following one last winter to see what was going on, I joined in the Springtime Flowers Mug Rug Swap hosted by Michele Foster of Facebook’s Quilting Gallery.

Springtime Flowers Mug Rug Swap

The way this works is you sign up to participate for a small fee of $6. Then you receive 2 patterns valued at $4 that were designed for this swap by The Patchsmith. The patterns are available later through The Patchsmith’s Craftsy Pattern Store.  Michele matches up the swap partners based on experience level. At the appointed time you receive an email with your swap partner’s name and email address.  The email with the partner information and patterns also contained tips on making the mug rugs and links to tutorials. The swap allowed about two months to make and send the mug rugs, during which time we get to know our swap partner and make a new quilting friend. My swap partner is Laurie from Idaho. We each answered a list of 12 questions related to fabric, color, and style preferences that would help the other one in designing the mug rugs. It is customary for the partners to include a small gift with the mug rugs, something else homemade, or something that your partner would like.

Here are the mug rugs I made for Laurie.

Spring Time Flowers - Butterfly

Spring Time Flowers – Butterfly

Spring Time Flowers - Tulips

Spring Time Flowers – Tulips

One of the guidelines in the swap was to make a label for each mug rug,

Quilt label

Quilt label

I sent this little Texas package to Idaho,

Howdy from Texas

Howdy from Texas

It was fun to participate in this swap. Some people have participated in many swaps, but I think my curiosity has been satisfied.  It was fun!



A Dottie Finish and Memorial Weekend WIPs


via A Dottie Finish and Memorial Weekend WIPs.

I love Plus Quilts, and I love dots, so you can just guess how giggly I feel when I see this little quilt!

~Grammie,  Isabella’s Whimsy

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Roosters are Chickens, Too

Val's Quilting Studio

I came across a blog and got interested.  Val at Val’s Quilting Studio is hosting Tuesday Archives.  Quilters are invited to link up their old blog posts following designated Tuesday themes. The two themes for Tuesday May 13 were/are Charm Pack and Chicken Quilts.  It’s fun to look over the posts from the quilters who are participating.  While I was checking out the Chicken Quilts I remembered that for Christmas of 2012 I had made a Rooster Mug Rug for my daughter’s mother-in-law who loves chickens, well chicken décor anyway.

I didn’t blog about it then, but I think Val will let me add a post now.

Good Morning! A mug rug for Elena Garcia, Christmas 2012.

Good Morning!
A mug rug for Elena Garcia, Christmas 2012.

Not being much of an artist, and wanting to draw a rooster for my pattern, I went online and followed a couple of art lessons on how to draw a rooster.  Then I fiddled a bit and was happy with my homemade rooster.  It was so much fun to sit with my scraps and audition (isn’t that a cool description of what we do to find the just-right fabric!) this and that.  I wanted a few blending shades of blue for the sky and an inviting grass.  I had a pink fabric with a circular design that I used for the sun. At that time I hadn’t done any machine quilting so the quilting is pretty simple.  It’s about 6″ X 9″ and has a double binding.

Now to link up with Val’s Tuesday Archives.

~Janie, Isabella’s Whimsy


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My new awesome life…

My life has changed.
I’m all gaga.
It’s all about him.
I’m a Grammie!
It’s wonderful…

About the only sewing I have done so far this month is some hand quilting I did in the waiting room…waiting for him to arrive.

A little hand quilting, while waiting

A little hand quilting, while waiting

And I recovered a pillow for my daughter and the little guy, in some of her favorite fabric.

Poky Little Puppy pillow

Poky Little Puppy pillow

Who knows what else I will do…

Blessings to all,
~ Grammie from Isabella’s Whimsy

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“He who hesitates is lost”…

“He who hesitates is lost”…well, maybe not lost, but likely disappointed.

I made a baby quilt for a sweet international graduate student that I knew through my job at the university.  I finished it up right away, but for some reason (hmmm) I didn’t deliver it to her… for a long time.  This weekend I decided, The Time Has Come!  So I called my friend and asked if I could bring the little quilt to her.  She said, Yes!, then hesitated and quietly said, but the baby (now a year and a half old) went back to China last month.

When I got to her apartment both she and her husband were there, but no little boy.  Apparently Grandma had been visiting and persuaded the parents that if she took Little One home, the parents could finish their graduate studies faster.  So, even though I was happy to see how much the parents like the quilt, I didn’t get to play with David…my disappointment, my loss.

My first Name Quilt

My first Name Quilt



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