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zizzybob’s Linky Party!

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Fellow-quilter and QQQ Etsy Team member zizzybob has opened a Linky Party. Don’t know what that is? People who make handcrafted items are invited to post a link to one of their items on a designated page.

zizzybob’s blog is found on Blogger and is called Sweet Little Gems. Here is what she says about this week’s Linky Party:

Linky Party Week 3

Do you have a shop on Etsy, Zibbet, Artfire, Zazzle or maybe your own website? Want some free promotion? Would you like another backlink? Let’s see what you have. Add a link or two and join the party.
The way I read this, you, dear Reader, are welcome to link to this Linky Party if you can answer YES! to her first question above. So come on! Link up for some free promotion and a chance to see other handcrafted items from your fellow crafters.
————————- ♥
I’ve been keeping busy with some private orders, so haven’t added to the shop this week. I did renew a Western Baby Burp Cloth and a Hanukkah Baby Bib and Washcloth set. I’m getting ready to renew the Scandi Baby Burp and Bib Gift Set.

I will be adding a Western Baby Bib and Western Baby Snuggly Blanket as soon as I get some good pics. And when I can, I’m planning a Scandi Baby Snuggly and Scandi Baby Quilt.

Meanwhile, plans for this week are to finish up a pretty lap quilt for the shop, start a baby quilt for my October 2016 grandson (!!!), and try to add at least one new item to Isabella’s Whimsy on Etsy as well as prep 2 multi-item Christmas orders.

Please stop by the shop and let me know what you like by clicking on ♥s.

And if you are on Facebook, I’d love for you to stop by Isabella’s Whimsy there too.




Etsy Shop Addition

shells beach

Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer, even if it’s winter where you are.  I stalled off admitting summer as long as I could, but we are in the midst of it now!  When I want to forget the heat I zone out and fill my mind with lovely beach scenes and play with my shell collection.  This summer I also found some beautiful beach and sea creatures fabric and made a sweet baby quilt.

Today the quilt became part of Isabella’s Whimsy on Etsy.

Wishing you a joyful summer (or winter) week!



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Etsy Teams and Me

Do you know that when you are an Etsy seller one of the benefits available to you is Etsy Teams?  There are all kinds of teams in Etsy, probably thousands of them.  I am a member of 8.5 teams, well, really it’s 9 teams. Each one has its own purpose. Let me tell you about them.


My primary team is Quilts, Quilts, Quilts! No surprise to you it is a team of quilters and quilt related shops. I am a team leader with a fellow QQQ member to promote our team shops on our Facebook page. Every day we post a shop on Facebook to help give our team members visibility. Other than that I participate in the team Chat on nearly a daily basis and have formed friendships with several very nice, supportive and fun people. This team also offers promotion games. The .5 team I mentioned is the QQQ – Team Leaders team, where we discuss behind-the-scenes plans for the team.


Texas Blubonnets

The Texas Friends Team is another sociable and promoting team. I participate in the Chat very often and primarily joined the team to be in touch with other Etsians who live in Texas. I enjoy the banter and support of this group.

IsabellasWhimsy 2016 Word

Team UNITY and A Fairly Promo are teams I turn to just for promotional games and activities.  Contrary to the Texas Friends Team, these two are very international.

Being found on Etsy is a game itself. I do what I can to be visible, but there is a big randomness factor controlled by Etsy that I just cannot do anything about.


Similarly to the TX Friends, I joined the Create in Christ Team to interact with people who share an important part of my life. In addition to games there is a prayer thread. We pray about anything and everything, striving to put Christ as the center of our lives and businesses.  This team, as well as QQQ and TXFriends, is supportive to my shop and to me personally.


A small team that is new this year is Etsy Mastermind. This team is for women who are in business. We share business information, critique each others shops, swap social media addresses, and set goals together. This team helps me address areas that are very helpful to my business, such as goal setting.

Another business-minded team is Etsy Rank. The team is for people who use the program. The program analyzes our shops and checks for searchable keywords. It has been a big help to me in improving my SEO skills.

IsabellasWhimsy Scandi Birds

And last of all is a “luxury” team, Scandinavian Folk Art, a team that lets me see and enjoy one of my likes…Scandinavian folk art! It’s not an active team, but I like it.

I enjoy these teams and am not joining any others for now. I feel a commitment to each team to participate in their activities regularly, every week, or several times a week. We help each other in different ways, and the teams make the Etsy experience a community.

If you would like to join an Etsy Team there are scads to choose from. You do not need to have a shop, you can join many teams as a shopper. How can you find a team? I suggest that you go to a shop that you like, click on the owner’s name and look at the teams he/she is on. The teams are listed below the About section on their Profile page. Here’s mine.

Sending Etsy Good Wishes to You,



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