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A Word for 2016

IsabellasWhimsy 2016 Word

Have you heard of the activity/movement to choose a special word as your own word for a year? I don’t know a lot about it, but I like the idea.

From what I gather, you select a word that resonates with you as your focus word.  Every now and then through 2015 I would catch a bit of conversation about people’s words for the year. I never could come up with a word that felt just right for me, but this evening a blogger I admire, Julie, The Crafty Quilter, shared someone else’s blog post about claiming a word for yourself to explore, to be influenced by, to grow with. And I knew what my word is for 2016.


Just thinking the word feels good.  This is my word.

Now what am I going to do with this word? I’ll probably doodle it, applique it, ponder it, read about it, look for experiences of it, and share it.

Would you like to tell your word for the year?





Lucy, I’m Home! (after working my Etsy shop)


I’ve been gone from blogging so long that if anyone was reading, you surely aren’t now! But, just as Ricky said, I’m home…

The Shop is open and going now.  I’ve had sales!! I’m so surprised…which might sound strange, but if you knew my first experience on Etsy you would understand.  It’s so much fun!

Sold: Scandinavian Fox Quilt and the Outdoorsy Burp Cloths.

Added today: Horses and Minky Set, Modern Bib and Burp, and Plus Quilt.

The Quilts, Quilts, Quilts (QQQ) Team is a wonderful and caring support group.  We all help promote each other’s items and chit chat also.  Putting a listing together is really good for the brain and I love doing it.

I also get pretty involved with Pinterest, thanks to some training from RichMomBusiness.  That Bestie Renae Christine is awesomesauce! (You just have to go check it all out. If you don’t want to sign up for anything, she’s got great stuff on YouTube.)

A very important part of this small business is what is happening inside of me.  I’m learning to not give up, to try some more, to choose to make it work.  I’m proud of myself and seeing some improvement in my personal choices, as well as hearing myself ask some challenging questions, especially about my business and my spiritual life.  It’s good, but it’s not easy to delve deep inside and have an honest look around.

I promise to come back much sooner next time and share some small business people and items I’ve come across.  Until then…if you are still with me…




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