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The Grapevine, Quilter Style

The Grapevine, Quilter Style, or maybe that’s Blogger Style…

Anyway, I heard from Christa of Christa Quilts (actually on WordPress but via Bloglovin’) that her friend Cheryl from Meadow Quilt Designs that Cheryl is planning a Pattern Writing Blog Series beginning in January.  I’m in.

You can find out the topics and the guest bloggers who will contribute their perspectives by visiting Meadow Quilt Designs.  Cheryl has a button you can grab too.

Pattern Writing Blog Series
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A Beautiful Etsy Shop and Birds

Recently I promised to tell you about some Etsy shops that I have found and that I think are amazing.  So, today I want to tell you about Handmade by Inese which has been open since August 20, 2014. Inese lives in Latvia and crochets the sweetest baby shoes and boots.  She also crochets clothes and accessories for babies, but I just can’t get over the boots! I asked Inese for permission to copy her photos to include in this post so you can see why I love them. Aren’t they too sweet?


Here is the link to her shop, Handmade by Inese.  I hope you will want to see her other oh-so-cute boots and baby pieces.

I will share other shops with you as we go along, because I have found many creative and admirable works and artists to tell you about.

Now about the Birds…

You know how many UFOs I’ve been procrastinating about, well, I also have a few promised quilts that are begging to be made.  So Sunday afternoon I decided to start one of those promised quilts.  It’s been in my mind to make this into a simple applique baby quilt that will work with the big sisters’ quilts.

The first sister’s quilt was one of my earliest with just 3 butterflies.

Bella's Butterflies

The second sister’s quilt was a family of ducks.

Duck Family

This little quilt will have a whimsy tree and five (or maybe 7) birds.  Here is a peek at the birds.

This won’t sound like much to you, but I’m going to make that little bird that I drew all by myself into an applique pattern to put into the shop.  I’m just sure it will be a big hit! ;o)

Stop by the shop and see what’s going on there! Isabella’s Whimsy




How Long is a “While”?

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It will be a while

My neighbor and I were planning to get together and I texted saying, “It’ll be a while.”  Then I started thinking, Will it be a little while? or a big while?  No, we don’t say big while.  So, there is a Little While, a Long While, Quite a While, and just a plain old a While.  And we know the difference between them, although the differences are totally subjective, but still the question remains – How long is a while?

I’ll be waiting for your insight!



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Lucy, I’m Home! (after working my Etsy shop)


I’ve been gone from blogging so long that if anyone was reading, you surely aren’t now! But, just as Ricky said, I’m home…

The Shop is open and going now.  I’ve had sales!! I’m so surprised…which might sound strange, but if you knew my first experience on Etsy you would understand.  It’s so much fun!

Sold: Scandinavian Fox Quilt and the Outdoorsy Burp Cloths.

Added today: Horses and Minky Set, Modern Bib and Burp, and Plus Quilt.

The Quilts, Quilts, Quilts (QQQ) Team is a wonderful and caring support group.  We all help promote each other’s items and chit chat also.  Putting a listing together is really good for the brain and I love doing it.

I also get pretty involved with Pinterest, thanks to some training from RichMomBusiness.  That Bestie Renae Christine is awesomesauce! (You just have to go check it all out. If you don’t want to sign up for anything, she’s got great stuff on YouTube.)

A very important part of this small business is what is happening inside of me.  I’m learning to not give up, to try some more, to choose to make it work.  I’m proud of myself and seeing some improvement in my personal choices, as well as hearing myself ask some challenging questions, especially about my business and my spiritual life.  It’s good, but it’s not easy to delve deep inside and have an honest look around.

I promise to come back much sooner next time and share some small business people and items I’ve come across.  Until then…if you are still with me…




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