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You Just Never Know

I woke up this morning thinking about packing for my upcoming move on December 10. A couple of hours later I found out that my move is going to happen on Saturday, December 3!

So much for thinking about packing…

I put IsabellasWhimsy on Etsy on vacation for a bit and got real busy. Whew! Even change can change.

~ Blessings

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How Long is a “While”?

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It will be a while

My neighbor and I were planning to get together and I texted saying, “It’ll be a while.”  Then I started thinking, Will it be a little while? or a big while?  No, we don’t say big while.  So, there is a Little While, a Long While, Quite a While, and just a plain old a While.  And we know the difference between them, although the differences are totally subjective, but still the question remains – How long is a while?

I’ll be waiting for your insight!



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