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Hooray for Spring! Texas Wildflowers

on March 21, 2013

Project QUILTING’s final challenge for Season 4 is due this week. The challenge presented last Sunday was Hooray for Spring! I just posted my entry, Texas Wildflowers.
Being the copycat I am, I decided to follow the lead of other quilters and tell you about the process behind my little wall quilt. Instead of making a new design for this challenge, I resized a design. The inspiration for the design came from a photo from last spring’s Texas bluebonnets. Some friends and I drove out to Independence, TX to take pictures of the bluebonnets. This inspiration photo was taken by one of my friends who really knows how to find the right pic.

Field with Wildflowers and Old Farmhouse

Field with Wildflowers and Old Farmhouse

To make the background I used three pieces of fabric: a tone-on-tone gray-blue print for the sky, a small bluebonnet floral print for the middle ground, and a larger Texas wildflower print for the foreground. I free-hand drew the trees from three green fabrics, dark, medium and light, and fused them onto the sky panel. The roof is made from a mottled rust cotton fabric and the farmhouse is a white-on-white print. The little chimney is a brown cotton with black swirls on it. After fusing on the house, roof and chimney I used a medium zigzag stitch with a short length to make a dense outline for the house pieces, using white for the house and rust for the roof and chimney. I used a medium green thread with a decorative feather stitch built into my sewing machine to applique the trees. Then I sewed the sky panel to the small bluebonnet print and them to the larger floral print.
In preparation of quilting I pressed open the two seams. Normally quilters press the seams toward the darker fabric and not open, but a video I watched recently suggested pressing the seams open if you are planning on stitching in the ditch. Since my previous luck with that ditch-stitching had been more like jumping in and out of the ditch, I was happy to try a new approach.

Next came the quilting. After layering the backing, cotton batting and quilt top, I used my machine to stitch in the ditch between the two florals. Then I drew three wavy lines and stitched them for the small floral panel.

small floral quilting before lines removed

I quilted the farmhouse and roof with straight lines and echo quilted around the treetops.

farmhouse and trees quilting

Again I drew wavy lines for the large floral panel, but made them vertical instead of horizontal as before. This was the first project for me to quilt on the sewing machine, and it worked out pretty well.

TX Wildflowers vertical quilting lines

Here is the back so you can see the quilting lines better.

TX Wildflowers back_quilting lines

Now for the reveal…


Copy of Texas Wildflowers

12″ X 14″ wall hanging.

See more about Project QUILTING.

See Project QUILTING’s Hooray for Spring! Entries.

See ya’ll!


7 responses to “Hooray for Spring! Texas Wildflowers

  1. Espirational says:

    I like that. Very nice!

  2. I love the barn set in the distance….really nice wall hanging.

  3. I’m here visiting from Val’s and headed to your home page to see what you are making now! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

    • Janie Kemp says:

      Thank you, LeeAnna! I’ll go check out your page and work. I haven’t been working much for several months…1st grandbaby arrived! Starting to get busy now.

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