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Let’s catch up!

on December 30, 2016

It’s a busy time of year, so let’s catch up!

I finished an order of three Paper Doll Quilts for a friend, and since they received them at Christmas, I can post pics now.


For a little album of the quilts check out Flickr. The dolls were made to resemble their recipients. The two older little girls’ dolls have 3 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes, while the littlest girl (6 months) has 2 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes. One girl like bright colors, one likes pastels, and one has a bit of a nautical theme. It was so much fun to design the quilts and clothes for each special girl. Grandma was very happy with them.

I hope everyone had a happy celebration, I certainly did. ♥  My youngest flew in for a week, sorry her hubby had to work though. And we all drove north to visit my son and his sweet little family. It was my 4th time to visit my new grandson ♥♥ and actually had both grandsons together. What happiness!

On the home front I have moved into a little house and am honing my homeowner skills:

  1. Take trash to curb on time, and learned they want the can on the other side of the driveway
  2. Replace toilet seat
  3. Paint closet (psyching myself up to paint the room next)
  4. Begin cleaning out leftovers from garage and drag bulk trash to curb on time
  5. Remove kitchen appliances where German cockroaches decided to live
  6. Selected replacement appliances
  7. Replace broken door knob so no one gets stuck in the room for too long
  8. Make new friends of neighbors, pest control, handyman, and HVAC people

As this year draws to a close I wish you each a Happy New Year filled with joy and blessings!



4 responses to “Let’s catch up!

  1. How cute! I’m glad to hear you had some family time over Christmas!

  2. jmStitching says:

    The paper doll quilts are adorable! How are the clothes held on?

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