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A Word for 2016

on January 4, 2016

IsabellasWhimsy 2016 Word

Have you heard of the activity/movement to choose a special word as your own word for a year? I don’t know a lot about it, but I like the idea.

From what I gather, you select a word that resonates with you as your focus word.  Every now and then through 2015 I would catch a bit of conversation about people’s words for the year. I never could come up with a word that felt just right for me, but this evening a blogger I admire, Julie, The Crafty Quilter, shared someone else’s blog post about claiming a word for yourself to explore, to be influenced by, to grow with. And I knew what my word is for 2016.


Just thinking the word feels good.  This is my word.

Now what am I going to do with this word? I’ll probably doodle it, applique it, ponder it, read about it, look for experiences of it, and share it.

Would you like to tell your word for the year?




2 responses to “A Word for 2016

  1. Debbie Murphy says:

    I was at a church service in FL last New Years and the sermon was on this very thing of choosing a word to focus on for one year. Last year my word was REFRESH and I made a list of people and ways that I could refresh others as well as myself. I didn’t focus on it as much as I should but at least I tried.
    This year my word is RELATIONSHIPS. I hope to get into people’s lives this year and build closer relationships. As an empty nester with a limiting physical condition, it may be challenging but I already have 3 single women who are coming over once a week while I teach them to cook and bake. I’m off to a decent start.
    I love you, Janie, and I’m so proud of your blog and your newsletter and especially of your quilting handiwork. You are amazing!

    • Janie Kemp says:

      Debbie, thank you for sharing this story. I remember now that you told me about REFRESH last year, but I didn’t have enough connection to make it stick. I think RELATIONSHIPS is just the word for you. You are very good at relationships because you are so open and willing to take emotional risks and most importantly, you are not judgmental. Maybe you will make one of your text wall art pieces for RELATIONSHIPS.
      You are amazing!

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