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The Pieces Are Coming Together

on October 12, 2015

Here’s a quick peek at the Jungle Quilt for my friend’s grandbaby, well a peek at some of the pieces.

DSCF1444I’m using fusible interfacing for this applique project.  This method makes very lightweight pieces that retain the fabric’s flexibility, and it gives a clean finished edge to each piece.  And, it’s fun!

Have a blessed day,



11 responses to “The Pieces Are Coming Together

  1. saydea21Sue says:

    It looks really cute, I love the animals.

  2. saydea21Sue says:

    Is this a pattern or is it your own design?

    • Janie Kemp says:

      It’s a design I am making as I go. I used a coloring page to get me started, but from there I change things up. The giraffe and monkey heads are significantly changed up! Do you make designs?

      • saydea21Sue says:

        I’m looking to do some I can draw some and love learning, any suggestions are appericated. I have a lot to learn. I started quilting about a year ago.

        • saydea21Sue says:

          This has auto correct and sometimes, it does it as I’m pushing for it to post, not the best options as you can see.. I’m looking to learn about the designs part of quilting.

        • Janie Kemp says:

          I exchanged messages with Sindy of Fat Cat Patterns about getting started with designs. (check out her website) She suggested I take an art/drawing class. Sounds good to me. I had a couple of art classes long ago in school, but I still recall several concepts and I just keep reading and observing and learning. Since you already know how to draw, you are on your way. I also sometimes use online drawing lessons. That is how I learned to draw a rooster that I turned into an applique. I am currently learning from Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World. She has an Craftsy class on Fusible Applique that is teaching me many practical and useful ideas. Here is a link to her site and a free pattern and a discount on her Craftsy class. If you would like to email me, here is my address: I enjoy visiting with you.

  3. saydea21Sue says:

    I like hot designs, it really neat.

  4. saydea21Sue says:

    That was suppose to be your, not hot, I’m sorry.

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