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The Very, Very, Very, Very First Whimsy Quilt

on August 18, 2015

The very, very, very, very first Whimsy Quilt, aka The Monkey Blanket, is about 34 years old, two years younger than my son.  It was the forerunner of all Whimsy-Quilts-to-come and didn’t even know it.

Back in the day, sewists (modern term for seamstresses than do more than sew clothing) could purchase printed panels of animals or dolls, then cut, sew, and stuff them into toys – such was the intended use of the monkey, but whimsyism was lying latent deep within Isabella’s heart and manifested itself in the idea of using the monkey to make a quilt.

The materials demonstrate what I had learned growing up: use what you have. I used a twin-sized sheet, a piece of an old blanket and, of course, the monkey.

oct 22 013 oct 22 014

Baby steps of artistry selected the threads and  the built-in decorative machine stitches to highlight The Monkey Blanket.

oct 22 005

We all start somewhere…



One response to “The Very, Very, Very, Very First Whimsy Quilt

  1. […] I was thinking back to when I started making Whimsy Quilts, for real.  The first one (not counting the monkey blanket) was for a young friend of mine who was expecting her first baby. She showed some of us in the […]

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