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Row by Row on Vacation in Oregon

on July 29, 2015

You may have heard about the amazing quilting extravaganza that is sweeping the US and Canada, the 2015 Row by Row Experience, and experience it is! This is my first year to participate and I look forward to the years to come. Even if this is the first time for you hear of it you are not too late…well, maybe too late to win a prize, but not too late to pick up some free row patterns and/or purchase kits and make your own quilt.  I am not competing for a prize (I’m very slow), but after starting my pattern collection in Texas I determined to pick up some rows while on vacation in Oregon.  My sister (hostess) is a quilter herself and my biggest supporter, so although she wouldn’t have gone out searching for rows on her own, she graciously said, Let’s go!

Our first outing was into Eugene and Springfield where we visited Something to Crow About,

The shop made their row into a table runner using Row by Row fabric for the borders; for the display only, not for the kit.

STCA shop made their row into a table runner using Row by Row fabric for the borders; for the display only, not for the kit.

Piece by Piece Fabrics,

Piece by Piece, Eugene Row of Rain 1

and The Quilt Patch.

The Quilt Patch, Eugene, Waterwheel

I spent one Saturday in Portland and made a quick trip to the Fabric Depot.  They were having a big sale going on!  I decided to purchase the kit for The Cascades and Lake row,

Fabric Depot, Portland, Cascades and Lake

but to just pick up the pattern for Sailboats on the Oregon Trail.

Fabric Depot, Portland, Sailboats on the Oregon Trail

I found another row pattern there for the Fremont Bridge.  I hadn’t seen this pattern associated with Fabric Depot, but I had seen it with A Common Thread, also in Portland. This is the picture from A Common Thread for the Fremont Bridge.

A Common Thread and Fabric Depot, Portland, Freemont Bridge

After all these hops, my sister and I headed south from her home and visited the Fabric Farm in Drain to pick up the salmon row. (Shown in two colorways)

Fabric Farm, Drain

We continued south to two shops in Myrtle Creek, Sew _____ Nice

Everything Sew Nice, Myrtle Creek

and the Rustic Rooster.

Rustic Rooster, Myrtle Creek

We headed back home but made a little side trip to Dillard to visit the _____ and get their Sea Turtles row.

Sew Cute Quilting & Fabric, Dillard

I don’t know what other people think about this experience and marketing opportunity, but I am enjoying it.

I showed my aunt all the patterns; she said, “You are going to have a fun winter!” And that I am!

Well, I have 10 Oregon Rows…I better head back home pretty soon; I only have 3 Texas rows…so far!



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