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Reading and Quilting

on July 25, 2015

You already know I’m into quilting, but I am also an addicted reader. I read pretty much every night after I work a Sudoku puzzle, to help me go to sleep (too much quilt-thinking and scheming).  While visiting an Oregon library I came across an author whose books were in the quilting section but they are far from your usual quilting books.  Lisa Boyer is a columnist who has written two collections of quilt stories.  They are quite humorous and I gladly recommend them.

Lisa Boyer

Her first book is That Dorky Homemade Look: Quilting Lessons from a Parallel Universe.  She shares The 9 Principles of Dorky Quiltmaking. Number 1, “Pretty fabric is not acceptable. go right back to the quilt shop and exchange it for something you feel sorry for.” A couple of chapter titles are Oh, Well, No One Will Notice and The Zen of Seam Ripping.

Her second book is Stash Envy: And Other Quilting Confessions and Adventures. In the chapter titled An Open Letter to the Worldwide Quilt Judging Organization Lisa suggests criteria for judges to use for Dorky Homemade Quilts.

So, when you need a break and a shot of fun, try out Lisa Boyer’s books.



One response to “Reading and Quilting

  1. Wendy K says:

    Thanks for sharing. I may have to check those out!

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