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Portland, Oregon

on July 23, 2015

I’m having my annual vacation in Oregon and loving it!  One special event occurred Saturday, July 18 – I met up with a young friend from Texas A&M, in Portland. My heart always catches a little when I think of Portland, place of my birth.  My family moved to California when I was part-way through Kindergarten, but I have many memories of living in Portland.

So my young Aggie friend and I spent the day wandering through Portland taking in many fun sights.  First we rode the Max over Steele Bridge and found our way to VooDoo Doughnuts.

DSCF1270  VooDoo donuts shop DSCF1273



They were yummy, especially the Official Portland Cream – and I don’t usually go for cream-filled.


After VooDoo we strolled over to the Saturday Market which is also open on Sunday. There were many fun stalls with lots of different wares. Even a stall for hats.


And a fountain.


And great old architecture.



We went to Chinatown to look around a bit.


Next we strolled along the Waterfront and took a selfie with an interesting background.


Strolled back through the Saturday Market, picked up smoothies and worked on the remaining VooDoo fare.


We did some more walking while looking for the Portlandia statue, but we didn’t really know where to look… We didn’t find it, but we found (in the park where we thought it was) a pioneer statue and a tall redwood tree. I love how in the statue, the boy is holding a Bible, and even though it doesn’t show here, the mother is wearing a necklace with a cross pendant. Having spent most of my childhood in the San Jose/Santa Cruz areas and having an outdoorsy dad, I am very attached to Redwood trees; this one made me happy.



We saw some Portland city buildings.

DSCN2939 DSCF1295

While waiting for the train back to his car I snapped a pic of the drinking fountain.


We then picked up his car and drove out to the Fabric Depot – he’s a good friend, right? To take an old lady to a fabric shop to pick up row patterns and some fabric on his one day in Portland!

DSCF1309 DSCF1311

Fabric Depot, Portland, Cascades and Lake Fabric Depot, Portland, Sailboats on the Oregon Trail A Common Thread and Fabric Depot, Portland, Freemont Bridge

Fabric Depot is an acre and a half fabric store! The Row patterns are called: The Cascades and Lake, Sailboats on the Oregon Trail, and The Fremont Bridge.  I hadn’t seen the Bridge associated with the Fabric Depot, just with A Common Thread also in Portland, but there it was.

After the Fabric Depot we picked up some take out Mahi Mahi plates from L&L Hawaiian BarBQue for a picnic.

Then back into the car to find a beach along the river. What a happy park we found! Families were enjoying themselves in so many activities: wading, swimming, paddle boarding, playing with their dogs (none on leashes despite the many signs, oh well – very laid back), laughing, and just plain old having a good time.  Then as we climbed back up to the park from the beach you will not believe what we saw…


After the riverside fun we headed back to pick up my car and head home.  It wasn’t late, but he had to drive back to Seattle and I drove back to my sister’s, a bit south of Eugene. We had tons of fun and are making plans for next year. Maybe we’ll find Portlandia and ride the aerial tram!



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