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Memory Quilt Tops….Finished!

on June 29, 2015

The two memory quilt tops for my great-niece and -nephew are finished, folded and ready to go.  We are going to add fleece and the quilt stitching after I get there.

Before the final pics, here are two squares from each block that I haven’t shown you before.

Two of Papa Jack’s vintage cars, his 1957 white Thunderbird and the 1956 turquoise and white Fairlane.


I traced a pic of the T-bird onto white cotton, then sketch stitched it; seemed too thin, so I added fusible interfacing to the back.

DSCF1190I made an applique pattern for the Fairlane, fused it, then sketch stitched around all the pieces.

I asked each of the kids to draw a picture for me to include in the quilt. The idea was to capture a special memory/connection of theirs to Papa Jack. The plan was to scan and print their pictures on fabric, then stitch in as blocks. Wasn’t quite that simple.  I put the printed fabrics in a vinegar bath, but it took out all or almost all of the color!  So I reprinted them (don’t even ask me how that went, but finally it worked), got out some fabric paint pens and colored over their pictures, heat set, and that worked well.  The great-niece drew Papa Jack’s F100 Ranger, the vehicle she (11 years old) has already claimed for her own. DSCF1189Great-nephew did a crayon rubbing of some coins because Papa Jack was a treasure hunter who found old coins, and an amateur collector.  G-N also loves his money. The fabric pens had two ends, one a brush and one a fine point, so I was able to trace the letters on the large California coin, from where Papa Jack lived most of his life.

DSCF1191So here are the quilt tops and a caption following for each block .

Jonathan's Quilt 2 (2)

Row 1: Two patriotic blocks (Tic Tac Toe block and appliqued eagle block – Fat Cat Patterns) and July Star, for Papa Jack’s birth month.

Row 2: McDonald’s ice cream sundae (cherry, I believe), Treasure Hunters, his hobby of repairing antique clocks, a mason jar of nuts and bolts, etc., a cut out from a patriotic ball cap edged with baseballs representing his sons and grandsons sports.

Row 3: Wonky log cabin house for home and family (my sister says, Well, he was a little wonky, wasn’t he?), a heart block for their 50+ year marriage, great-grandson’s pic, US flag representing his amazing flag collection and all the ways he shared his love for the flag with schools and scouts.

Row 4: Typewriter fabric for the long career he held with the Bank of America as an office machines mechanic, the vintage Fairlane, a t-shirt block showing his great respect for the first Americans, and the boy scout emblem appliqued on blue for the younger aged scouts.

Row 5: Family camping times, and the Balkan puzzle block that I used to represent his keen interest in the Civil War, the blue uniforms surrounding the grays on a battlefield of green.


I will only mention the differences here.

Row 1: Easy Weather vane block in patriotic colors.

Row 2: Last block is a cut out from the Los Banos High School where his two older grandsons played ball.

Row 3: The truck.

Row 4: The Thunderbird.

Making these quilts was very therapeutic for me. Jack married my sister when I was 7 years old.  He was my brother for a long, long time.  He was the most constant man in my family and will always be in my heart.

4 responses to “Memory Quilt Tops….Finished!

  1. It turned out beautifully!!! Nice job!

  2. Your Memory Quilt is being featured at this week’s Fiber Tuesdays! 🙂
    Thank you for linking with us!

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