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Leaving on a Jet Plane…

on June 28, 2015

My grandson is going on a plane trip pretty soon.  He’s 13 months old, so a couple of other people are also going, but it’s all about him, right?!

So I made a little bag and put in some toys to help keep him entertained, but that hopefully will not disturb his fellow travelers.

Toys for Travel 1I used half a fat quarter, some thin batting, some funny lining (you’ll see in a second).  Just quilted straight lines following some of the fabric lines, and bound the opening all the way around with some simple black cotton.  I made angles on the bottom corners so the bag would feel more spacious, technically, I don’t know that it is. And, I angled the flap corners just because.

Toys for Travel 2That might be too much Velcro. It was hard to decide whether to make it easy for him to open or to make it practical for keeping the toys inside.

And he’s all set to go!

Toys for Travel 3I hope he likes that squishy green caterpillar.

Blessings to you and yours,


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