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Making Memory Quilts – continued

on June 2, 2015

I’ve been thinking about that grid I made to help me plan the layout (mentioned in the first post of Making Memory Quilts, June 1, 2015).  I decided to make little rectangles to represent the different blocks; I can lay them out on the grid to see how to place them.  Then I imagined doing that…not such a good idea for me, too much precision required. Remember, I am not a sequential thinker, I’m more of a global thinker, so I have to do things differently in order to come out with a good ending – well, to even arrive at an ending. But the grid is still going to be helpful.


In looking at the grid I see there are 6 20-inch sections, plus another 5 inches to the side and to the bottom that can be shifted around to make borders.  Deciding how to arrange each 20-inch section looks more doable than trying to arrange the entire 40X60-inch surface.  I mean, just think of it, a 20-inch section is 4X5 or 2X10 or 15+5 or 6+6+6+2 or, well, you get it – more manageable.

I think it will be more workable to make the blocks without exact sizes in mind, then to add sashing to make the blocks more uniform.  They may not all turn out to be the same size, but they need to be multiples of the same number, like multiples of 3″ or 4″ or 6″.  That will make a layout easier and hopefully more orderly and pleasant. Oh, now I remember reading that in a blog somewhere (I would give credit if I remembered where I learned it, and I will add credit if I find the source), to make all the blocks multiples of the same number then they will fit together.

So now I need to keep on making blocks and keep in mind that I may will need to add some sashing or borders to get the blocks to fit.

Here is the updated list.  Circled numbers indicate completed blocks.

Blog Note 4

You can see that some blocks were crossed off, so I may need to come up with some more ideas.  I do have an ace up my sleeve, though.  I’ve been collecting fabrics that are interesting and relevant, so maybe I will use some of them as filler blocks…

Later I will let you know how I do with getting the blocks to work together.



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