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Design Wall, or Something Like That

on May 29, 2015

I’ve heard a lot about design walls that quilters use in planning the layout of their blocks.  Some bloggers told how they don’t have a wall they can dedicate to designing, and they have developed many different adaptations.  I’ve decided I need a design “wall” now that I am making memory quilts. I want to share my adaptation with you, maybe it will be one you can use, or maybe it will spark a new idea of your own to fit your needs.

I have a foam board from the local craft store.  It’s 32″ X 40″ and about 1/4″ thick.  I have room for that size of a design “wall”.  I went through my batting stash and found a piece just right for the board.  I just laid the batting on the rug and laid the foam board on the batting. I cut pieces from the corners of the batting so when I folded it over the board it wouldn’t be so bulky in the corners.

Next I used 2-3″ pieces of packing tape and taped the batting to the back along the long sides, then taped along the short sides.  Here is the finished back-

Design board backHere is the front with the board leaning against my desk-

Design board frontAnd one shot with some quilt blocks-

design board with blocksYou can see it’s a beautiful day here outside of San Antonio, TX.  Hope your day is beautiful too!



2 responses to “Design Wall, or Something Like That

  1. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing with Fiber Tuesdays! I hope you link up with us again! 🙂

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