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Quilt Block Boot Camp – and what it means to me

on May 25, 2015

You know Facebook? Well, yeah, everybody does.  So, there is a Facebook Group called Quilt Block Boot Camp.  I’m not sure how I found it, but somehow it entered my line of sight.  I LOVE IT! Such a group of sweet, fun, funny quilters as I have ever met.  First, they let me join.  Now they let me post.  Some even laugh! They always post encouraging, positive comments and LIKE everything…and, well, you know, I do that too! Life is meant for sharing the good stuff.

So the way it works is, every week the administrator (or her sub) posts a quilt block link to a free online tutorial. They started off pretty basic, but classy, and are now getting into more challenging blocks.  I started late (but as soon as I found them) on Week 13.  It was the Patchwork Wheel block, a tutorial posted by Don’t Call Me Betsy.  Here is mine.

Week 13 Patchwork Wheel and bonus (3)It would have been better to not use the yellow stripes with the yellow background in the lower right corner, but it works.  This block is about 12.5 inches and ready to be used in some undreamed of project.

I have been working on catching up over these couple of weeks and have 7 different blocks made, not in sequence, but that seems to be OK.

Picture Time!

Simple Heart DSCF1074 (2) Week 1 Raspberry Kiss Week 10 Flying Geese (2) Week 5 Pinwheel DSCF1092 (2)

I find that I eagerly look for the notifications that someone in the group has posted or commented.  I’m not a traditional quilter.  I’m way challenged by straight lines/seams, cutting out little pieces, trimming to straighten, etc.  But now I’m learning new stuff skills and gaining some improvement, in such a lovely, warm group.



3 responses to “Quilt Block Boot Camp – and what it means to me

  1. SOme of the things you mentioned are exactly why I lke to quilt with others too. I wanted to stop in and say hi….also you are coming up as a no reply commenter….and I don’t have your email. (Sad face) Just wanted ya to know. PS: I like your patriotic banner too!

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