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Roosters are Chickens, Too

on May 15, 2014
Val's Quilting Studio

I came across a blog and got interested.  Val at Val’s Quilting Studio is hosting Tuesday Archives.  Quilters are invited to link up their old blog posts following designated Tuesday themes. The two themes for Tuesday May 13 were/are Charm Pack and Chicken Quilts.  It’s fun to look over the posts from the quilters who are participating.  While I was checking out the Chicken Quilts I remembered that for Christmas of 2012 I had made a Rooster Mug Rug for my daughter’s mother-in-law who loves chickens, well chicken décor anyway.

I didn’t blog about it then, but I think Val will let me add a post now.

Good Morning! A mug rug for Elena Garcia, Christmas 2012.

Good Morning!
A mug rug for Elena Garcia, Christmas 2012.

Not being much of an artist, and wanting to draw a rooster for my pattern, I went online and followed a couple of art lessons on how to draw a rooster.  Then I fiddled a bit and was happy with my homemade rooster.  It was so much fun to sit with my scraps and audition (isn’t that a cool description of what we do to find the just-right fabric!) this and that.  I wanted a few blending shades of blue for the sky and an inviting grass.  I had a pink fabric with a circular design that I used for the sun. At that time I hadn’t done any machine quilting so the quilting is pretty simple.  It’s about 6″ X 9″ and has a double binding.

Now to link up with Val’s Tuesday Archives.

~Janie, Isabella’s Whimsy


One response to “Roosters are Chickens, Too

  1. Absolutely Janie!!! I agree…where would the chickens be without our rooster friends!! LOL!! I must say, thank you for the kind compliment. It truly made my day to stop by and read: I ran across a blog and got interested! WOW!!! WIth smiles…V:)

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