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“He who hesitates is lost”…

on May 5, 2014

“He who hesitates is lost”…well, maybe not lost, but likely disappointed.

I made a baby quilt for a sweet international graduate student that I knew through my job at the university.  I finished it up right away, but for some reason (hmmm) I didn’t deliver it to her… for a long time.  This weekend I decided, The Time Has Come!  So I called my friend and asked if I could bring the little quilt to her.  She said, Yes!, then hesitated and quietly said, but the baby (now a year and a half old) went back to China last month.

When I got to her apartment both she and her husband were there, but no little boy.  Apparently Grandma had been visiting and persuaded the parents that if she took Little One home, the parents could finish their graduate studies faster.  So, even though I was happy to see how much the parents like the quilt, I didn’t get to play with David…my disappointment, my loss.

My first Name Quilt

My first Name Quilt


2 responses to ““He who hesitates is lost”…

  1. Darn! Your quilt will be the perfect welcome back home surprise though!!

    • Janie Kemp says:

      Hi Val, I hope you are off to a wonderful New Year!
      I’ve been poking around in my blog and just now found all your lovely comments…going back to May of 2014!!
      It’s a nice package of warm fuzzies for me, thank you! I’m just sorry I didn’t answer them before.
      Maybe now I know more about what I’m doing.
      Janie, aka Isabella

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