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Gotta Whip Out Those WIPs!

on April 8, 2014

Those who know me will not hesitate to say, She absolutely loves to start projects, but she’s not so keen on finishing them. And, they would be correct.  So, the purpose of this post is to list my WIPs, and if I have any courage left I will list my promised projects, IF.  So, here, in no particular order, are my WIPs.

~ Baby clothes quilt for A.

~ Papa Jack memory quilt for D.

~ Papa Jack memory quilt for J.

~ Penny Sampler Quilt for me.

~ Project QUILTING Off-Season April Challenge.

~ My Little Zoo quilt for my grandbaby (due date 5/15)

~ Rainbow quilt for V.

~ Triangles quilt for G.

~ Giraffe and Elephant quilt for R.

*~ Burgundy throw (I started this about 15 years ago, but it’s not for anyone, so who cares).

*~ Little Cowboy quilt.

~ Bethlehem Star wall hanging.

~ November Night wall hanging.

~ 2 mug rugs for Springtime Swap.

~ Dogwood Blossom Pillow.

*~ Narnia Quilt.

~ Flower Garden top (from my sister) to quilt.

*~ American wall hanging (started in 2002).

I think that is all.  I’m pretty sure my children do not think I will ever finish these.

* These might really be called UFOs, because I’m not very interested in finishing them, well, I do want to finish the Little Cowboy, but….

Promised projects:

~ Deer Rack quilt for H.

~ 2 mug rugs for S.

~ Roller Coaster and Sprinkler quilt for B.

~ Birdies quilt for M’s little girl.

~ possibly T-shirt lap quilt for S2.

If you ask my children, they will say, Yes, she will start these; and who knows how many others!

Oh well, it takes all kinds! Even one like me.

Then there are the Dreamed Of projects……

2 responses to “Gotta Whip Out Those WIPs!

  1. Look luck with all your projects!! “Get her done!!”

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