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30/30 Challenge, Final Week

on March 29, 2014
Berry Barn Designs

The challenges I set for myself for this week, weren’t really for myself, but I was very happy making them!

I did not complete or even attempt any Penny Sampler Quilt blocks this week.  This has been a week focusing on becoming a 1st time grandma, aka, Grammie, for a little boy.  My daughter is having an out-of-town baby shower on Saturday, March 29.  My plan was to complete the quilting on the baby’s quilt for the shower,


but when I heard she had indications of possible preeclampsia, I changed my plans and headed south.  So instead of having the quilt for the baby shower, I quick-like-a-bunny hemmed a piece of flannel for a receiving blanket, and followed adapted a tutorial for a travel diaper changing pad.

The receiving blanket:

Quickly made flannel receiving blanket

Quickly made flannel receiving blanket

I adapted the changing pad by eliminating batting and using just outside fabric and a plush towel.  Very washable!  Of course, I never do anything the easy way if I can make it complicated.  The fabric I chose for the outside was about 5 inches too short, but that didn’t stop me.  When I was pressing the folds out I saw that the “permanent” center fold looked a little dingy, so I slashed that part out and added a strip of solid red cotton.  Then to make up for the length I added a solid navy strip.  Of course all these colorful strips, all 2 of them, made the outside piece … yes, too long. I really liked the colorful strips, so I just cut off some more of the original outside fabric.  Goodness, see what I mean about making things complicated.

Travel Diaper Changing Pad, all folded up

Travel Diaper Changing Pad, all folded up


Travel Diaper Changing Pad inside made of plush towel and a 6" pocket for a couple of diapers and wipes.

Travel Diaper Changing Pad inside made of plush towel and a 6″ pocket for a couple of diapers and wipes.


Travel Diaper Changing Pad, outside

Travel Diaper Changing Pad, outside

Here is the tutorial for the changing pad, so maybe you would  like to make one or a few, too.


I brought along some fabric for a Boppy cover for mommy-to-be’s approval and received a big smile, so maybe I’ll get that made while I’m here, but I doubt it!

Fabric for Boppy cover met with new mom's approval.

Fabric for Boppy cover met with new mom’s approval.

Things are looking good for my daughter, I’m so thankful.

So, even though the sewing I did was not exactly for me…I sure was happy doing it, dreaming all the while of the little guy who is due in just 7 more weeks.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.  Please also visit the other participants starting Saturday, March 29, 2014 to see what they have been making.  I would like to thank Sarah at Berry Barn Designs for this fun and supportive challenge, it has been helpful to me and I have enjoyed meeting the other participants.

~Janie, Isabella’s Whimsy


15 responses to “30/30 Challenge, Final Week

  1. billiemick says:

    Ohhh! I so love the giraffes….:) So sweet….Grandma.

  2. Sometime life happens and good for you to follow the path! Great giraffe fabric!

  3. Jessica says:

    Congrats on the new grand-baby!! and the top quilt is sooo dear!! Complicated is contagious and as long as it turns out amazing it’s for the better…. and your changing pad is amazing. 🙂 I love the colorful giraffes too. I hope everything goes well for mommy and baby both. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you all. 🙂

  4. knitty34 says:

    I am so excited that you used my tutorial! I think you are the first! Great job on the pig, and I love the bandit! I would love to see some photos when you are all finished!

    • Janie Kemp says:

      Thank you for the tutorial! You might be interested in how I got it. My daughter saw the quilt on Pinterest and I loved it too, so thought I would give it a try, but couldn’t find the instructions anywhere. I contacted the MQG but couldn’t give them enough info to help. I also posted it on Facebook, 24 Blocks and asked if anyone knew the designer and if it was a Drunkard’s Path pattern. Received good suggestions on DP instruction, then a sweet lady found and posted your blog with the tutorial! I’ll have to see if I can send you her name, too. Your template was so much easier to use than the DPs I had been trying. Thanks also for your thoughtful comments. Will be glad to send you pic/s. ~Janie

  5. Mara says:

    I hope your daughter doesn’t have pre-eclampsia, the doctor’s thought I had that and did an emergency C-Section, which sucked but both my son and I are just fine, although he did spend the first month in a hospital and had to go through 5 surgeries, poor little guy, but he is 6 now and doing 6 yr.old bratty boy things. So the St. Patty’s bag is yours, just e-mail me with your e-mail and mailing address, you are a no-reply blogger, but I know who you are 🙂
    grecomara at gmail dot com

  6. CeLynn says:

    So glad to hear that your daughter is doing good! The changing pad looks great,and the giraffe print is just adorable.

    • Janie Kemp says:

      Thank you, CeLynn. I decided to stay here at her house another day, so I think I will be able to make something for the very last Final of 30/30! Looking forward to seeing your work too.

  7. Aww, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s pre-e scare, CeLynn! My oldest was delivered at 27 weeks because of pre-e, so I get very anxious and empathetic when I hear about others’ struggles with it : \ Hope she has an uneventful rest of the pregnancy and you enjoy that new grandbaby when he arrives. P.S. Love the animal quilt!

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