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30/30 Challenge, End Week 3

on March 24, 2014
Berry Barn Designs

Week 3 has ended and I only have 2 sessions of 30 minute sewing for myself to tell about. Actually each session was more than 30 minutes if you count selecting fabric, reviewing instructions, prepping the template, and cutting – OK, let’s count all that, too! :0)

I have two more blocks for the Penny Sampler Quilt completed, the Long Churn Dash and the Mitten blocks.

Long Churn Dash and Mitten Blocks for Penny Sampler Quilt

Long Churn Dash and Mitten Blocks for Penny Sampler Quilt

I just love these sweet blocks. I have loved the churn dash since I first saw it and plan to make a small churn dash quilt…someday…ahhhh….
I used the red and white check for the background and the white for the churn to represent the Danish flag on this Scandinavian-inspired quilt.  You can see a nice pic of the Dannebrog/ Danish flag on Flickr.

I have had a love for Denmark since I was 11 years old and the most handsome young Dane moved to my town and was in my 6th grade class…ahhhhh….. (again). Then as a teenager I had some penpals from Denmark for several years, one of whom I was able to visit for a few days while I was doing study-abroad in college (1973). She took me to visit the original LEGOLAND, a rune stone, and to the North Sea to suntan in 60 degree Fahrenheit weather with a wind blowing in off the sea, brrrrrr!  Happy Days!

The fabrics in the appliqued mitten are a whimsical floral and bright teal tonal print; both fabrics are used in other blocks also.

But just so you don’t think I was lazing around all week, let me show you the 42″ X 50″ quilt I made for the final Season 5 Project QUILTING challenge; made start to finish in 4 days (counting time needed to rip out and redo, several times!).

PQ 5,6 Triangles 2

Here’s looking ahead to Week 4!

~Janie, Isabella’s Whimsy


10 responses to “30/30 Challenge, End Week 3

  1. Jessica says:

    Your memories sound so fun. 🙂
    I can’t believe that you started and finished that quilt in 4 days. Amazing!
    Great work. Can’t wait to see your wrap up next week. 🙂

  2. You got quite a lot done if you whipped up a whole quilt, Janie! And absolutely prep counts, too!

  3. Mara says:

    I count prep time too and I have been to Legoland in Denmark, those are good memories!

  4. billiemick says:

    I count it all. Cute blocks!

  5. CeLynn says:

    I definitely count the prep time! I fell in love with the churn dash block the first time I made it for a bee member. Your blocks are both lovely,and that is a beautiful quilt. Amazing that you sewed it up in only 4 days!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment on my week three 30/30 post 🙂

  6. Your quilt blocks look wonderful…. But that triangle quilt? Incredible! Great work, Janie!

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