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Triangles for Gwyneth – Project Quilting Season 5, Final Challenge

on March 21, 2014


This is the final challenge for Project QUILTING for Season 5 (2014).  I would be sad, but I already know that there will be monthly off-season challenges until Season 6 begins – WooHoo!

This week the challenge was Triangles (click to see the challenge) .  Since challenging our creativity as well as our quilting skills is the object of the game, we are free to use Triangles in any way we want in our project.  I decided to…for the first time…make a child’s quilt within the challenge timeframe of this week.  I have several promised children’s quilts on my To Do List, so I got 2-with-1-whack: the challenge completed on time and one item checked off my list!

I had recently seen some triangle quilts and really wanted to make one, so I saved this tutorial by Kersten at Frozen Knickers, Refreshing. Needless to say, I was VERY happy to see that the PQ Challenge not only could be used to make a quilt I wanted to make, but also to make this quilt for a special little girl in my life, Gwyneth. I adapted the tutorial from a doll quilt to a child’s quilt, but made sure to limit the amount of cutting and sewing by using 8 and 1/2″ triangles.  I did a lot of guessing on how many triangles across and down, but I’m happy with the (roughly) 42″ X 50″ size.

PQ 5,6 Triangles 2

As with all the other challenges, this was a learning experience.  For instance, did you know that if you cut carefully and sew 1/4″ seams accurately, you will have less work to do than if you just sort of cut and sew. Ripping out can be 1) extra work, or 2) an appreciated break to watch a show.

Another thing I learned by observation is, it takes more thread to sew a row in upside down at the wrong spot and then fix it than it would to sew everything in the right order the first time.  It takes even more thread (and work, or more time to watch a show) when you sew the row in wrong two or even three times.  Just thought you would like to know.

For materials I used cotton prints and solids in pinks and purples, some from Gwyneth’s great-grandmother’s stash, most from my sister’s stash, and some from my own stash.  The backing is a pink background with multicolor butterflies.  The batting is a nice fluffy poly batting. Oh! I learned something there too.  When I first laid out the batting it had clumps and lumps from where it was folded in the package.  I went online and searched for “bunched up batting” but the posts were about bunching during quilting, not right out of the package.  Finally one lady suggested getting the bat damp and putting it in the dryer for a few minutes.  I put it in for 8 minutes with a damp hand towel.  While it was drying, I picked up the package and read right there, “For best results, fluff in dryer (on low heat) for 5-10 minutes before using.” So, the moral of the story is, reading the package can save you a lot of time and messing around.

I quilted a 1/4″ from each seam around each triangle and down the sides of the quilt where I added a 2″ border.  I made a scrappy binding from leftovers.

PQ 5,6 Triangles 3 butterflies back

Even with all the redo’s the quilt, named for the girl, is done.

I present Gwyneth!

PQ 5,6 Triangles 4

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.  Here is the link where you can see all the PQ projects for this week, then starting on Saturday you can vote for your favorites on this same link.

~ Janie, at Isabella’s Whimsy

p.s. Completed in my home in College Station, Texas.

pps. Flickr

2 responses to “Triangles for Gwyneth – Project Quilting Season 5, Final Challenge

  1. Wonderful! Loved reading the story behind it and good tip on the batting (and ways to save on thread – lol) ! Thanks for joining in the fun this season!

  2. Good tip on saving thread! 🙂

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