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FMQ Elephant Mats Reveal, and More!

on April 20, 2013

Now that we are all savvy with those quilters terms, I thought we would use them today.  Yes, I implemented FMQ on my recently made Elephant mats. If you saw the April 8 and 10 posts you saw bits and pieces of the mats, but not the completed mats, so as not to ruin the surprise for my friend.

She received the mats and was happy with them, so here they are all bound and finished.

Elephant with Pine Needles

Elephant with Pine Needles

Elephant with Rocks

Elephant with Rocks

I also completed a set of coasters and a small table mat for another friend.  Here are the pics she took – it’s a great living room, but look on the coffee table to see the mats. The reds look kind of pink, but they are really red; sorry you can’t see the FMQ, but it is there.

Mat and Coasters, FMQ and Log Cabin pattern

Mat and Coasters, FMQ and Log Cabin pattern

Matching the home decor

Matching the home decor

Then I took a detour from the sewing machine and made a necklace:

Maroon Necklace       Go  Aggies!

Maroon Necklace…Go

Before I became Isabella’s Whimsy, I was Janie’s Beads, but haven’t done much with beads for a couple of years.

I took another detour from quilting to hem a bridesmaid dress. It is a coral colored satin.  So I needed to shorten it by 2 and 5/8 inches.  I learned to use the narrow hem foot, but not well enough, so I ended up taking out all those stitches (a post about ESS coming soon, so remember this comment about taking out all those stitches) and using the regular foot and carefully turning a narrow hem myself.  Then I shortened the lining and finally I cut the same amout off of the tulle that is used between the dress and the lining to puff out the skirt a bit.

Now I have started a set of spring-y/summery coasters and am also designing a quilt for Project QUILTING Off Season Challenge 1, What’s My Sign? (Mine is Leo.) More of that to come.




4 responses to “FMQ Elephant Mats Reveal, and More!

  1. Dori says:

    It is wonderful to be retired where you can show all the talent you have had hidden for so many years.

  2. I love your elephant mats…and even more you were able to rejuvenate this old post and share them with us!!

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