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Another set of quilter’s letters: FMQ

on April 8, 2013

Maybe I already mentioned FMQ, but to help me learn it is good to repeat and use in my own context. FMQ is free motion quilting, meaning, with your sewing machine you buzz around on your quilt top through all three layers of your quilt sandwich and make lines of stitching. There are many designs you can use…after you learn them and practice plenty.
So here are some designs of my own that are definitely related to jumping-in-the-ditch mastery level.

Outlining designs in the Fabric

Outlining patterns in the Fabric

Wiggle Lines

Wiggle Lines

Echo Lines around bottoms of flowers

Echo Lines around bottoms of flowers


Some Rocks

Some Rocks

I can’t show you the whole project because it is for a friend of mine and I don’t want her to see it yet.

I would like to thank my online Craftsy teacher Leah Day for getting me started. Now Leah probably couldn’t recognize these designs as any she is teaching me, but hers were my inspiration. ♥ I am really enjoying Leah’s instruction, she is a great teacher and reminds her pupils “It’s OK” and “It doesn’t have to be perfect.” That gives me confidence to try, knowing that I can only get better!

Click here to see Leah’s site.


One response to “Another set of quilter’s letters: FMQ

  1. kyliebowers says:

    I agree, Janie. I tell myself “it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it ‘right’- you’re just learning!”. I really like the free style of this. I need to be a bit freer with my creativity. Well done on the frequent posting too 🙂

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