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BOM, yes, you heard me right…BOM

on April 5, 2013

BOM? you might be asking? I had the same bewildered feeling once (or twice, well, until I could remember what it means). BOM is quilters’ lingo for Block of the Month. As other quilters, I am quickly becoming a BOM fan. I’m following 3, no 4, no 3 BOMs now. I waver because one of them I’m following but not attempting to make any of the blocks yet. Actually, I’m not making blocks for 3 of the BOMs, so I guess really I’m just making blocks for 1, and I have just finished the January blocks (yes, I said blockS) even though it’s April now. Just trust me.

So, in keeping with the idea sparked by the artist Kylie Bowers, I am committed to posting 2 projects per week, showing new techniques or blocks that I am trying out. I know it’s Friday already, but I have made a few items.

In the Craftsy BOM 2012 Class two blocks are given each month. (How does this sound: BsOM? Not so good.) They are both slash and stitch projects. The first one is the Asterisk block. Have a look:


I was concerned there would be too much bulk in the center of asterisk, but my seams were superb and there was no problem! Thank you for your applause. :o)
Since that block went so well, I went ahead and made the second January block, the Wonky # Sign Block. (I’m finding that “wonky” is a common term used among quilters.) Ta Da!

Wonky # Sign

It’s OK too and another slash and stitch block.

I have 2 purposes for making these blocks in addition to just learning the techniques. 1) I will use them to learn free motion quilting in another Craftsy class, and 2) I will include them in the red, white and blue quilts I am making for my great-great niece and -nephew. The quilts are memory quilts of their Papa Jack, great-grandpa.

I can’t post the other project because it’s for a friend’s birthday and her party isn’t until April 13! But I can post another project tomorrow, maybe. The one I’m thinking of isn’t a new technique, so I may fudge and use it anyway, or do something else tonight!
~ Isabella
aka Janie

2 responses to “BOM, yes, you heard me right…BOM

  1. kyliebowers says:

    Well done, Janie! You’re doing great. I’m still on with my studies but have realised that most of them aren’t postable. I’m going to post periodically with a summary of how I’m doing. Your quilt blocks look great 🙂

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