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Duck Family Strolls in the Park

on April 17, 2012

I guess we could call this a sneak preview.  Here is the quilt I’m working on now, well, a sketch of the Whimsy Quilt that I’m making for a friend to celebrate her fourth child, a second little daughter; so here is the family strolling through the park on a fine spring day.    

Duck Family Walks in the Park

This pattern is a little too complex for a beginning quilter, but just right for an intermediate.  It’s not so difficult, but there are a lot of pieces that need layering, and some of the pieces are very small. Another characteristic of an intermediate quilt design is the amount of curve in the lines of the pieces.

When selecting a quilt kit or pattern, it will help you to decide on your level of quilting experience, then to 1) look at the number of pieces, 2) see how much layering of pieces is involved, 3) look at the size of the pieces – like flower: petals, centers, stems, leaves, and 4) look at the shapes to see if they are simple to sew around or a bit too curvy.  When you select a quilt kit and sit down to make it, you want something that will turn out great and that you will enjoy in the process.  As your skills increase, select more complex designs.

At Isabella’s Whimsy, you can always ask how difficult a Whimsy Quilt Kit is.  Maybe a design that you really like can be modified to be simpler or more complex.  Let Isabella hear what you have to say!

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