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How to shop for a Quilt Kit

on April 13, 2012
Swimming in the Coral Reef

Sammy the Sea Turtle swims among colorful coral; he looks so happy!

So, you want to make a quilt using a kit.  That’s a great idea!  I’ve been looking at quilt kits and have noticed myself beginning to ask some questions:

What is in the kit? – most quilt kits that I see are NOT complete.  Most quilt kits have fabric for the quilt top, design pieces and binding.  But what about the backing, the batting, the decorative thread, the fusible web, safety pins for pre-quilting prep?  Whimsy Quilt Kits have it ALL!

What size quilt does the kit make? – read carefully.  Quilt kits can range from crib to lap/throw to queen to king!  That is not even counting wall hangings and small projects.  I just found a lovely quilt kit (advertised as a quilt kit), but the pieces only make enough for 4 potholders!  Hmmmm.

What do you get for your money? – check out comments about instructions, pieces, size and contents.  Prices vary greatly!  Also, think about complexity.  How complex do you want to go?  If you are a beginner or intermediate quilter, Whimsy Quilt Kits are designed with YOU in mind!

One last idea – ask questions.  When buying a quilt kit, ask the seller questions: Does this come in other colors? (Whimsy Quilt Kits are assembled at the time of the order, so you can select design elements that are just right for you.)  How long will it take to make this? (H0w much time do you have to put into it?) Whimsy Quilt Kits take about 10-12 hours of work time…depending on your amount of experience with reading instructions, using a sewing machine, doing hand sewing.  Then you have a beautiful, cheerful piece that you can be proud of.

If you would like to see some Whimsy Quilt Kits visit my Etsy shop:

Check back every 2 weeks or so to look for new Whimsy Quilt Kits.



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